[News] Lord Shmup plays Buraigun Galaxy Storm on Nintendo Switch


Buraigun Galaxy Storm (Maker series martial arts gun GALAXY STORM) is a great looking shmup that has been difficult to find much information about on the internet, so being Lord Shmup I made a video to showcase it!

Sadly this is another game locked to the Japanese eShop with sketchy details around its release in other regions but Play-Asia can help with that. Simply order a Japanese eShop gift card (currently around $10.99 for 1000 yen) and use it to add this 990 yen shmup to your library by navigating the eShop (with google translate) to unlock it.

Read on for the official eShop blurb:

“Maker Series Takerai Gun GALAXY STORM” is a vertically scrolling shooting game that reminds us of the shooting games that were in full swing in arcade games.

You can select 3 types of weapons “Wide Beam”, “Thunder Laser”, and “Spear Shot”, and you can enjoy various strategies by switching between “Side Formation” and “Front Formation”.

In addition, as a system unique to the game, there is also “A-CHo / SYSTEM” that slows down when it is about to be hit and makes it easier to avoid enemy attacks, which will liven up the gameplay.

You can change the difficulty level of the game and play in various modes such as “PRACTICE” and “BOSS BATTLE”.



You can visit the official Buraigun Galaxy Storm page on the Japanese eShop here and Play-Asia for your gift card here.


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