Nintendo Switch Physical Showcase – Psyvariar Delta


Joining the Nintendo Switch physical showcase is a game I don’t see many shmuppers, or anyone for that matter, buzzing about – Psyvariar Delta. This is a chance to feast upon the diverse and beautifully designed retail packaging, bonus content and rare collector’s edition Nintendo Switch titles. We’ve included the first ten minutes of gameplay too, have you played this shmup?

The physical showcase is only made possible by the dedicated Two Beard Gaming team who have added the purchases to their collections.



Psyvariar Delta

First released in arcades in 2000, this enhanced version retains the classic BUZZ system that lets players enjoy the thrill of levelling up by avoiding direct hits and evading enemy attacks just enough to graze their planes.

Psyvariar Delta



  • DELTA POINT 1 // NEW MODE Players can now set their stage, planes, levels, and experience. In the REPLAY MODE+, a player can challenge each area with their own plane and bombs. SCORE ATTACK MODE allows a player to play for the high score with their difficulty. Both modes will have an online leaderboard to show how you stack up against other players.
    The new UI shows Ex levels, boss health, and invincible time remaining after leveling up. The new design is easy for beginners to understand while the information helps experts as well. In the options menu, a player can show the hit area for their own plane and their enemies so that the game can be adjusted based on the players level of play.
    Along with the 2 original planes, there will be new planes available as paid DLC which bring all new original attacks. These DLC can be used on all levels allowing players to have a different gameplay experience.



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