Marvel getting into some ‘Risky Business’


Where there’s smoke, there is fire. However, where there’s Loki, there are bound to be lies. Rumours abound as the latest hit the interwebs involving the upcoming sequel Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Daniel RPK who did hint at Evan Peters possibly returning as Quicksilver, has now leaked that the role of Tony Stark could be played none other than Tom Cruise. No, that wasn’t a misprint, Maverick himself could be donning the Arc Reactor in a possible Alt-Reality version of Iron Man made famous by Robert Downey Jr.

dr strange

First reported on Marvel may very well be getting into bed with the serial couch jumper as Dr. Strange navigates the multiverse after the events of the Disney Plus series WandaVision. Keen eyed viewers to the recently released trailer can quickly envision Marvel taking a shot at adapting the House of M storyline in which Scarlett Witch has a breakdown and alters the very fabric of reality in order to recreate her lost children.  

 That is a tale for another time, but with Evan Peters aboard, the Easter Egg laden WandaVision trailer and now this, Marvel could very well be on their way to setting up the recently announced Kang the Conqueror to have a major influence on both the small and big screen. 


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