Games to Play this Halloween


With Halloween fast approaching, TBG has put together a list of top games for you to play this Halloween season. Though there are many classics to be named we have tried to add a few alternatives to the mix for gamers of all ages, let’s take a look!


The Evil Within

This third-person survival horror comes from the mind that created Resident Evil so it should come as no surprise you will be shitting your pants fairly regularly throughout. After investigating the latest in a serious of murders, Sebastian Castellanos and his team get drawn into a world where nightmares stalk every shadow, now they must survive and get to the bottom of what’s really going on. Full of memorable enemies and boss fights this is one to play alone in the dark.



Hide and seek horrors have become a winning formula in horror this gen but one of the first to find true success was Outlast. Take the role of Miles Upshur as he follows the reports of strange going’s on at Mount Massive Asylum. With nothing but your camcorder to hand, you must find a way to escape the asylum and reveal to the world its dark secrets. Full of jump scares and intense chases, Outlast is a perfect choice for Halloween.



From the minds that brought you Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls, step into a world where savage beasts stalk the streets and gigantic abominations await as you take control of a hunter, whose sole purpose is to cleanse the city of Yharnam of these monsters and awaken from the nightmare. Heavy inspirations from Lovecraft and Stoker seep through this challenging bloodfest.


Dead By Daylight

This multiplayer hit allows you to either play as a survivor or a killer and is filled with genuine tension and hair raising moments. As a survivor, you are teamed with three others and must repair a number of generators to open the gates to safety. Teamwork will be of the essence as the killer will be hunting you down, their job is to sacrifice the survivors on meat hooks before they can get to safety. Featuring a range of classes and killers from favourite TV and Movies such as Ash Williams, Steve Harrington, Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger and Ghostface. Grab some friends and try to survive!


Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered

Recently released, this remaster of the 2009 favourite serves as a follow up to the second movie. The full cast is here providing their voices and likeness as you take control of a new recruit and follow the Ghostbusters on another adventure filled with spooks and laughter aplenty. With a solid campaign, this is one for a more light-hearted evening with a bowl of popcorn to hand.


Luigi’s Mansion 3

After a vacation takes a turn for the haunted when King Boo kidnaps Mario and chums, Luigi must face his fears and cleanse the Last Resort Hotel of its poltergeist population. Each floor of the hotel is based on different themes with levels having a more open-ended structure to previous entries plus multiplayer for up to eight people being included, MAMA-MIA!


Grabbed by the Ghoulies

When it comes to all-out fun and memorable titles, RARE can usually be found at the top of the list. After getting caught in a storm, Copper and his girlfriend look for shelter at Ghoulhaven Hall, soon Cooper’s squeeze is kidnapped by Baron Von Ghoul and it’s down to him to save the day. Venture through levels filled with a more comedic take on spooks and spectres that require certain tasks and challenges to be completed in order to progress.


Resident Evil 7

Capcoms’ beloved series has managed to reinvent itself more times than Prince with RE7 being no exception. Shifting to first-person and returning to the slower more atmosphere based themes of the earlier titles you play as Ethan Winters. After receiving a message from his presumed dead wife he heads to a plantation in Louisiana where things take a turn for the disgusting. This reinvention of the Resident Evil formula is not to be missed.



Originally released in 2007, Bioshock quickly became a firm favourite with gamers. Set in an underwater utopia called Rapture you must fight for survival against the inhabitants that have all turned psychotic. Not you’re average horror game but one that is filled with twisted enemies, a rich story and plenty of atmosphere.


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Seen by many as the game that reignited the survival horror genre, this 2010 classic and its sequels are just what you need for a Halloween fright. After awakening in a dark mysterious castle, Daniel’s sanity is put to the test as he is hounded by monsters and terrors at every turn. Chances are you can pick up the full collection for a good price so what are you waiting for?


Blair Witch

Set in Blackhills Forest, the same location as the popular movie from 1999, you join the search for a missing child but things soon take a turn for the strange as you become lost. The simple concept of being lost in the woods at night is one we can all relate to as being terrifying and Blair Witch balances the terror well with exploration, narrative and plot development. One to play with the lights out and the sound up.


Honourable Mentions:


  • Silent Hill 2
  • Little Nightmares
  • Bendy and The Ink Machine
  • Alan Wake
  • Dead Space
  • Alien Isolation
  • Resident Evil 2 Remake
  • Until Dawn
  • Manhunt


What did you think of our list? let us know what you will be playing this spooky season in the comments below or on social media and from all of us at TBG, Happy Halloween!

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