[Review] Street Fighter Arcade Cabinet by Arcade1UP


Are you ready to fight?

Do you know your Hadouken from your Hundred-Hand Slap? Then you might be ready for the all-new Street Fighter arcade cabinet by Arcade1UP.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a vintage arcade cabinet of your favourite retro arcade game but never thought it possible because they’re so damn expensive, then you’ll be pleased to hear about these incredible new editions that have been made available in all good toy stores everywhere.

There are a few different titles available from Arcade1UP, including Space Invaders, and Rampage, but we were fortunate enough to pick up a Street Fighter edition which comes with 3 versions of the iconic fighter: Street Fighter II Championship Edition, Super Street Fighter II The New Challengers, and the famous SNES-port Super Street Fighter II Turbo. The cabinet comes as a traditional two-player setup, although we did hear there may be four-player versions releasing soon – though these will cost considerably more than the £350.00 we paid for Street Fighter II.

Street Fighter Cabinet Arcade1UP.png


The cabinet comes flat-packed

Meaning you have to build it yourself. As someone who has a hard time not throwing IKEA items out of the bedroom window, this was a little daunting, but the instructions are straightforward enough that it’s a quick and easy build that’s worth getting blisters for after all the hot screwdriver action. The self-build approach does mean you also have to set up the electronic peripherals but it’s so straightforward that you don’t need to be a trained electrician to breathe life into the game.

Unlike many of your classic stacks, the Arcade1UP units are streamlined to fit easily into any games room. In fact, they’re so slimline that you could line up several of them in one room and they wouldn’t take up a ton of room. There’s an additional detachable base that you have to build as well, unless you’re under 5 feet tall, to allow for extra height. We’d recommend you use this otherwise repetitive strain won’t be your only injury playing one of these. The stools, complete with original artwork also make a nice addition to the set but are sold separately.

Final Words

The Arcade1UP machines are a gamer’s dream come true. Sure, it would be cool to own an original version of the games, complete with coin-slots and coated in a layer of children’s tears, but this way you get all of the fun of the arcade for a fraction of the price. Of all the choices available so far, Street Fighter II is without question the most fun and will be a great feature to battle your friends on at your next house party.



Classic upright “Cabinet” design
3 Games in 1
Upgraded 17″ Color LCD screen
Real feel arcade controls
Original Artwork
Coinless operation
Dimensions: 45.8 H” x 22.75 D” x 19 W”
Weight: 58.5 lbs
Designed by Arcade1UP
Twitter: @Arcade_1up

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