AEW Vs WWE – Who Won Week 1 of the Wednesday Night War?


Last night, AEW and WWE went head to head for the very first time, with Dynamite and NXT respectively. AEW’s premiere show on TNT was headlined by a 6-man tag team that broke down into a brawl involving everyone from Dustin Rhodes to Jon Moxley via Jake Hager. Likewise, NXT saw Finn Balor return to challenge current World Champion Adam Cole in an interesting but exciting move by McMahonland.

Wednesday Night Wars AEW WWE NXT

But who really won the first night of the so-called Wednesday Night Wars? Well according to the website The Wrap, the winner was All Elite Wrestling, and the victory was somewhat definitive.

At press time, it was believed that AEW’s debut brought in 1.409 million viewers, while NXT on the USA Network only managed 891,000 – which was a drop off of 11% from the week previous. In the key demographic of males ages 18-49, AEW scored big with 878,000 compared to WWE NXT’s 414,000.


Of course, it’s still very, very early in this marathon between the 2 brands, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for Tony Khan’s group and it’ll be interesting to see how that compares to WWE’s RAW and SmackDown shows.

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