[Review] Whipseey and the Lost Atlas – Nintendo Switch


A whimsical platform adventure

Our good friends at Blowfish Studios were kind enough to send us a copy of Whipseey for review. This is a whimsical platformer made by Daniel A. Ramirez that is sure to catch your eye. Our little puffball friend can whip and sail in search of gems through the land of the Lost Atlas.


Ever lean so far into a book you fall into it?

No? Maybe that’s just Whipseey. In this case, a child was transformed into a pink, whip yielding puff that has set out on an adventure to return to form. The story was told in a few short pictures then straight to the game which is appreciated. We get that it’s a platformer and want to play the game right away.

Two-button controls are simple and easy to figure out from the start. Jump with A then hold to float using the whip. Press B to use the whip action. Whipseey can jump on enemies to stun them before whipping into submission. The music is very matching to the tone of gameplay which is colourful and airy most times, then frumpy during boss fights. Collectables will produce a free guy at one hundred. Five hits will take you back to the title screen.


It’s fun to pounce on enemies

Baddies differ in size and function enough to keep them interesting. I appreciate the Mario spiny looking bad guys. As with a lot of smaller platform titles, the boss battles are where the action is at. Scoop up as many gems and boost that life count before heading into battle. Precision and timing are key, Whipseey will test your patience in attacking the bosses. Take your time and their patterns will become easier to tackle. Once the win is secured the boss will disappear in an instant. There is no upgrade to obtain or life boost, rather a trip back to the now progress map screen.

Although on the surface it looks like a full-blown game, upon starting the first level it has a mobile vibe. The black oval-shaped doors in Whipseey are seen in many phone games and that was a turn-off. Navigate a small area to the next door and repeat. A mere five levels will have been completed in one sitting for some. From the look of the main character and art style, I was pretty hyped up to play Whipseey and thought there was a lot more to this game than it delivered.



Final Words

I’m bummed about the length and depth of gameplay but at the very least Whipseey has a lot of potential for a bigger sequel. I would love to see that from Daniel A. Ramirez in the future with the help of Blowfish Studios. Mario influences are seen in enemies and the reference is fun to see in another developers style. At just under six dollars (£5), you’re paying a little over a buck per level which is not that great but if that means fueling the next Whipseey game then I’m all for it.



Review code provided

Platform: PC, Nintendo
Release Date: 28/08/2019
No. of Players: 1
Video Capture: Yes
File Size: 338 MB
Category: Action, Adventure, Arcade, Platformer
Developer: Daniel A. Ramirez
Publisher: Blowfish Studios
Website: www.blowfishstudios.com
Twitter: @blowfishstudios
Download link: eShop

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