[Review] Devil May Cry 5 – PlayStation 4


Dante’s Inferno

Devil May Cry 5 is the latest iteration in the popular action-hack and slash series developed and published by Capcom. It follows a horde of main characters taken from the past DMC roster while adding newcomer V into the fold as they battle against the Demon King Urizen.



Born from evil

The now well-established series was originally conceptualised out of an early Resident Evil 4 prototype. Capcom was onto something with their fixed camera hack and slash idea but it just didn’t quite fit with the world of Resident Evil and thus a vehicle for protagonist Dante was born. Thanks to the huge success of DMC Capcom has since released a whole heap of sequels, remasters and even a reboot. Each time introducing new gameplay elements and characters including fan favourites Trish, Lady and Vergil. When the reboot was first announced it was met with some scepticism from the loyal fanbase but eventually the game turned out to be very good.

Devil May Cry 5 takes place five years after the events that unfold during the closing scenes of the 4th instalment. It begins with a beaten Nero, a mainstay of the series, returning to Red Grave after losing his demon arm and subsequently having it replaced with an almost robotic arm that is imbued with demon powers. Known as the Devil Breaker it possesses a power that can be levelled up over time. Once fully charged the power can be released as one big hit but at the cost of destroying the arm. In your arsenal, you additionally have Nero’s Red Queen sword and his Blue Rose double-barrelled shotgun. Both of these can be used seamlessly in combat with the Devil Breaker to get higher scores and rankings when progressing through the story.

After the first few chapters, Nero re-joins newcomer V,  who originally convinced him to escape and reassemble. He is the catalyst for bringing the group together in a bid to tame Urizen who is hellbent on wiping out all human life on earth and to be honest that is all the backstory you need to know to going into this game. V as a character is an interesting addition to the series and looks full-on Adam Driver from Star Wars Episode 7, just with a bigger nose.


He has a very different move set to what we have experienced before and doesn’t use much in the way of hand to hand combat. V walks with a cane and carries a book of spells using three spirit forms to savage effect. A griffon who is highly sarcastic towards everyone, a panther who uses his claws… a lot and a golem who just decimates everything in its path. The cane he carries works as an impromptu finishing move.


This is a great DMC game

You still get to play as Dante throughout the story. Dante is now equipped with four different offensive styles which take a little effort to master but with each offer a different move set. Combat is fluid and fast and the controls are tight as you would hope. By mixing up the devil triggers and hand to hand combat with the slick gun-play you can quickly elongate combos hitting maximum carnage and those much-coveted high scores.

The scenery in DMC5 is absolutely beautiful yet ugly at the same time. It displays what I would imagine a demonic takeover of a city to look like, the humans in the city area are all frozen in fire and ash much like the people of Pompeii. The artists on this game are twisted in the best way. Every time you fight a track comes on called Devil Trigger the guitar riffs amp you up and you can use the background music as a sort of rhythm to fight to. In this way the track never gets boring as you do hear it a lot, but it becomes very useful as a fight guide. While making DMC5 the team were using actual clothes that were scanned into the RE Engine to make them look more photorealistic and it really shows when playing on a PS4 Pro, it was amazingly beautiful and I imagine the Xbox One X will look even better.


Final Words

If you have never played a DMC game I urge you to please give this one a chance. All of the backstories are explained in a catch-up video on the front screen and gets you straight into the action. With fast-paced combat that keeps you interested throughout the switching between characters, which you do quite often, becomes second nature. A blistering soundtrack with great visuals to boot make this is a game not to miss. The abstract ugliness and beauty is awe-inspiring, especially when you get deeper into the story. I think that I am leaning towards giving this top marks because I simply adore DMC5, it’s so much fun and keeps you wanting to go back for more.



Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox
Release Date: 08/03/2019
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Capcom
Website: www.devilmaycry5.com
Twitter: @devilmaycry
Download link: PSN

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  1. Too many games, too busy, but sooner or later I’ll play this. But first, I need to progress a bit with the series, I’ve only played 1 and 3… Good review, nice reading. Thank you!


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