[Review] Revisiting the Upside Down: Stranger Things – Mobile


To celebrate the release of Stranger Things season 3, we decided to venture back into the Upside Down by revisiting the original Stranger Things mobile game.

Developed by Bonus XP back in 2017, Stranger Things is a real throwback of a game, that takes place somewhere between seasons 1 and 2 of the hit Netflix show. Players begin the game as loveable but grumpy Sheriff Jim Hopper as he searches previously unseen locations around Hawkins in search of the D&D playing heroes who have been mysteriously hidden away by forces unknown. As the game progresses and Hop finds kid players can then switch between the two, or three and so on, making use of each persons specialist skills to help you beat the game.


The game style is your typical puzzle adventure hybrid with some dungeon-crawling thrown in to keep us all happy – and the fact that it feels a little like a Zelda clone doesn’t hurt either. The level designs are a thing of beauty, considering the limitations of the faux 8-bit aesthetic, and are full of interesting little easter eggs such as Eggo powerups, and challenges that keep you glued to your mobile. The ability to switch between the protagonists is also key to unlocking certain areas of the game and solving specific puzzles so there’s no room for skipping to the end with this one – if you’re in then you’re in for the long haul.


When Stranger Things appeared in the App Store it came out of nowhere. There was no ad campaign or annoying spam posts on Facebook or Twitter, it just crawled onto our phones like it had escaped from the Upside Down via some creepy, oozy wormhole. It was also a free game, which was completely bonkers because lets be honest, we’d have paid to play this! At the time there simply wasn’t any kind of expanded universe for the TV show, so this was all we had, and whether or not it was a crafty way to promote the then-upcoming season 2, we simply had to have it.


Final Words

Stranger Things has been a breath of fresh air ever since it first appeared on our TV screens a number of years ago, and we’ve bit, scratched and clawed our way through the internet ever since for another quick fix between seasons – making this excellent little app an absolute must-have. Here we are years later and Stranger Things is still one of the best adapted mobile games on the market and leaves us hopeful that the upcoming season 3 game is anywhere near this quality.



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Platform: iOS, Android
Release Date: 04/10/2017
No. of Players: 1
Category: Adventure, Puzzle, Dungeon
Developer: Bonus XP, Inc.
Publisher: Netflix, Inc.
Website: www.bonusxp.com
Twitter: @BonusXP
Download link: Google Play / App Store

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