WWE: NXT Results & Recap – July 3rd, 2019


This week’s episode started with Aliyah vs Mia Yim. This was pretty much all Yim until Vanessa Borne did some outside help. Yim would do a suicide dive to the outside to take out Aliyah and Borne. Then, rolled Aliyah back into the ring to finish her off with Protect Ya Neck. But Yim wasn’t finished yet. After the match, Yim would throw Borne into the steel steps and then went to the announce table and called out Shayna Baszler. Not a bad way to start off the show.

Following this, Cathy Kelley is in Regal’s office asking him about Io’s actions last week after the main event. But this is quickly interrupted by the Forgotten Sons. They’re upset that Yim is requesting title shots but they don’t have one. Regal advises they already had their chance and are now back of the queue. While the Sons storm out in frustration, Regal advises Kelley that the Street Profits will be facing Orney and Burch next week for the titles.

After this, we continue where Adam Cole’s Bay Bay Championship Tour had ended last week. As he enters Gargano’s restaurant, we find out it’s owned by Johnny Gargano’s father. While Gargano’s father is getting the pizza ready that Cole ordered, Cole puts an autograph of himself with the NXT title next to a picture of Johnny Gargano on the wall. After leaving the restaurant, Cole goes to a wrestling school that Gargano frequently visits and delivers the pizza. But while he is there, he advises the students that Gargano is full of crap and tells them to give up. He also tells them to get out this school and city and find a new hero. As you can see, this was a pretty long segment.

Back to wrestling, our second match of the show was Kushida vs Jeff Parker. This was a no brainer here as Kushida would make quick work of Parker with his Hoverboard Lock. This match might have been shorter than Adam Cole’s segment.

After this is a couple of promos. First, Tyler Breeze says he’s thinking about the Undisputed Era and that he needs to give them a refresher that this place was NX-Breeze long before they came along. Next up is Killian Dane. He says everything was taken from him and now he will take everything he wants.

The first round of the Breakout Tournament continues with Isaiah ‘Swerve’ Scott vs Cameron Grimes. This was another great match in the tournament. Grimes would win with a modified Spanish Fly followed by a standing driving double stomp to the chest.

We follow that with another match with Bianca Belair vs Priscilla Zuniga. Belair is coming off from back to back losses from Mia Yim and was not in a good mood. This was all Belair as she showed what makes her a special talent. The highlight was when she gorilla pressed Zuniga while doing a couple of squats, all while making it look effortless and smiling. Belair would finish off Zuniga with her KOD.

After this is a quick promo from Matt Riddle. He says he can’t be one-dimensional while wrestling and has to add other elements to be better. He adds that he will keep training and evolving. Short, sweet, and to the point.

The main event of the show was Roderick Strong vs Tyler Breeze. This was a great match but came to an end with Strong’s End of Heartache after O’Reilly and Fish come to the ring to distract Breeze. Even though Breeze lost, it’s nice seeing him back on NXT instead of being wasted on the main roster. He’s too good of a talent not to be used. And you know, Breeze is gorgeous.


And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. This was a little bit longer due to all the promos, especially Adam Cole’s. Next week will continue the first round of the Breakout Tournament and also we have Orcan and Burch taking on the Street Profits for the tag team titles. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!


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