[Review] God of War: Fallen God #2 – Comic Book


Do not mock the Gods!

A man cannot escape his destiny. Then again, Kratos is no mere man – he is a GOD – and he will stop at nothing to escape the bonds of his predestination. Neither prophecy, nor ancient text, nor manipulation of Athena can stop his single-minded mission to free himself from his past, from his future, and from the suffering of his present. Is he a man? Or is he the monster other monsters fear? A god-weapon forged of murderous rage? An ugly tool of destiny itself? Pray NOT to the gods to save you, for they may send Kratos.



Bald and Angry

Issue two picks up right after the first, Kratos is still bald, still angry and quite possibly going mad. In his dreams he encounters Athena. Cursing her for all his troubles and bidding her leave him be, she urges him to return home and fulfil his purpose. Once again he awakens and finds the blades of chaos have returned to him.

The blades are not the only annoyance that keeps returning to Kratos as the kindly old man from the village appears asking Kratos if he has found the answers he seeks. Kratos once more throws the Blades into the ocean and urges the old man to leave him alone and walks off. He travels far but to his surprise, he winds up back at a familiar village where the townsfolk tremble in fear at his presence.


It turns out that they are not trembling in fear of him, but their town is being plagued by a monster known as the Chaos Beast that appears whenever Kratos passes through. The townsfolk deem the warrior Kratos to be a gift from the gods and beg him to slay the beast and save them. Kratos however is done with dancing to the tune of gods, prophecy and destiny. The old man urges Kratos to reconsider, stating he would have wished for mercy to the loved one’s he lost, would he not grant the same mercy to these poor people. As madness begins to set in, Kratos rushes towards the Chaos Beast, to slay the beast or in the hope that he himself is slain?


Readers Thoughts?

Another good outing though one that was short-lived. It was good to see the return to Athena still playing around inside Kratos’s head and hinting that he may need to return to his home. Will this lead to him taking a journey back to what is left of Greece or be the reason why he wanders further eventually finding himself in Scandanavia?

Due to the latter part of the comic featuring the build-up to a showdown with the Chaos Beast, the panels are larger and showcase the great artwork rather than providing a depth of dialogue to digest. The only real exposition provided comes from a couple of pages in the middle, making this month’s outing a breeze to get through.


Final Words:

I enjoyed this issue despite it being short and it is always good to have a bit more of the Ghost of Sparta in our lives. The story dangled a few interesting carrots to keep me invested and I am sure fellow God of War fans will feel the same way.



genericspacer 1
Writer: Chris Roberson
Publisher: Drak Horse
Publication Date: April 08, 2021
Format: FC, 32 pages; Miniseries
Price: $3.99/£3.60
UPC: 76156800684100211
Official store: Dark Horse Comics

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