[Review] Super Bit Blaster XL – Nintendo Switch


3,2,1… Blast Off!

Super Bit Blaster XL is the latest title that we’ve picked up under the Cheap Thrills umbrella. Costing just a few spare gold coins, via the US eShop, it comes from talented developer Nickervision Studios. Super Bit Blaster XL is a bit style space shooter that feels like a loving homage to arcade classic Asteroids in the same vein as the recently released Super Mega Space Blaster Special Turbo. It’s time to fire up the rockets and take flight!

Move your ship around a single screen, destroy incoming obstacles and enemies while not hitting the sides – otherwise its game over. Your craft continually moves so there’s no time to sit back and relax, a break or boost ability are on hand to help, or hinder, progress. Both are set against a power meter which can be refreshed through time or collection of key items.

NSwitchDS SuperBitBlasterXL

The goal of each run is to beat your last score while collecting as many gold coins, left behind by the defeated, as possible. On top of the constant thrust, the default setting for your weapon is to continually fire. This leads to a need for micro-management of ammo, which again is in limited supply, but can be replenished through item collection.


Power-ups and gold coins.

As you play an arsenal of different power-ups can be obtained and put to good use, bombs, magnets, spread-shot and shields are but a few on offer. Super Bit Blaster XL looks to add replayability with unlocks, gold coins obtained are subsequently exchanged for new ships. There are several available to unlock and all offer a slight variation in stats and playstyle. There’s a surprising amount of depth considering the simplicity of the game and the price point firmly seated in the budget section ($3.99/ £3.19). Additionally, we highly recommend Nickervision Studios’ Ding Dong XL which is also available on Nintendo Switch if you don’t already own it.

NSwitchDS SuperBitBlasterXL

In keeping with its title, the visual gives a retro bit experience that is basic yet precise. It all becomes a blur anyway as the screen floods with the pixels of incoming fire and item drops. The soundtrack pumps along filled with chiptune beats that are unique to each ship, building on the atmosphere and intensity. And for those out there in the world with friends the addition of multiplayer adds a co-op and versus mode.



Exiting Orbit

Supper Bit Blaster XL is a nod to arcade shooters of old that adds just enough quality of life toches for the modern gamer. Unlockables, leaderboards and co-op all add to the longevity in playtime. Beating the last run will have you coming back for more out of this world adventures in deep space. Super Bit Blaster XL is a well crafted, enjoyable shooter that is worth your time – even at full price.



nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Nintendo
Release Date: 16/03/2020
No. of Players: 1-2
Category: Action, Arcade
Developer: Nickervision Studios
Publisher: Nickervision Studios
Website: www.nickervision.com
Twitter: @nickervision
Download link: eShop

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