[Review] Super Soccer Blast – Nintendo Switch


Super Football Blast

Soccer, or Football, is known worldwide as the beautiful game and developer/publisher Unfinished Pixel look to tap into this sentiment with Super Soccer Blast. Striking its way onto Nintendo Switch this arcade sports title looks to throw you into the big league from the kick-off. Does it fulfil that promise or end up scoring an own goal, let’s find out.

Being an arcade take on the game don’t expect Super Soccer Blast to compete with behemoths FIFA or PES, but that’s not what the devs are looking to deliver. Instead, this is a much simpler and understated affair, you will not find fully licenced teams or in-depth tactical play. What you do get from Unfinished Pixels efforts is a no-frills pick-up and play title that is fun.

The main menu is home to a minimal number of gameplay options, start your road to glory in World Tour mode or simply have a kickabout in Quick Match. There is some freedom to tailor the experience with Custom Competitions alongside the Avatar and Team Editor. Although you cannot seemingly name individual players, you simply name your team and pick from the existing roster. Being a fully grown child I branded my team something entirely inappropriate, seriously I tried with a selection of choice words and they all saved. Moving on, if you decide to enter the tour mode you will have a handful of different competitions to join but that is essentially your lot. Progression is auto-saved if you need a halftime break.

NSwitchDS SuperSoccerBlast


The beautiful game

Without needing to say it, but I will, the aim of the game is simple and summarised nicely with a quote from Liverpool United legend Michael Owen: “Whichever team scores more goals usually wins.” That’s it, score goals to win. The gameplay is slick and simple, there are no intricate modifiers or manoeuvres in play. Standard move sets apply, sprint, lob, shoot and tackle. There are some ‘skill moves’ in the Arsenal but most seem to be down to timing rather than any actual skill, much like a real game of football, I mean Soccer, then.

Super Soccer Blast contains a handful of teams based on their real-life counterparts, at both a domestic and international level. As alluded to earlier, there is no licensing of teams and players so the devs have opted to be a little creative in places. Sure the big city names and countries are intact but my highlight of the tournament was watching the great Alan score with the last kick of the game as Sport City beat Paris in the final of the League of Champions.

NSwitchDS SuperSoccerBlast


Visually Super Soccer Blast does everything well.

The game has a child-like charm that is fitting with its vibe. Pitches are bright with colour flowing and stadiums hitting full capacity. Player models are slightly deformed with larger than life heads, all the better for heading the ball I guess. The default camera setting is fairly zoomed in and crops a lot of the pitch, I much preferred the others that are further out although this was at the expense of the player size on the screen. The audio does the job with crowds cheering and thunderous kicks but the lack of commentary made the experience fall a little flat.

Super Soccer Blasts looks to add a little longevity to its career with the inclusion of in-game trophies entitled Challenges. Ranging from win a match, win a tournament or score with an overhead kick which are all realistic tasks. Throw in a multiplayer mode, for up to four people, and you have a decent party game that is accessible. The best times are had when competing with your friends and scoring that last-minute winner.



Final Words:

Super Soccer Blast is an enjoyable, yet limited, pocket-sized arcade sports title. While it doesn’t sit in the same league as Virtua Striker or all-time classic Sensible Soccer it holds it’s own. The arcade-style gameplay is suited to the on-the-go luxury provided by the Nintendo Switch. Visually the game is pleasing, if a little basic, but the lack of commentary leaves stadiums feeling a little hollow. There are other budget football games on the Switch but Super Soccer Blast is definitely worth making the starting line up.


star 6

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nintendospacerPlatform: PC, Nintendo
Release Date: 19/06/2020
No. of Players: 1-4
Category: Sports, Arcade
Developer: Unfinished Pixel
Publisher: Unfinished Pixel
Website: www.supersoccerblast.com
Twitter: @UnfinishedPixel
Download link: eShop

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