Star Wars Battlefront 2: From a Certain Point of View



In 2012, billions of voices cried out and were suddenly silenced, those voices belonged to a selection of dead presidents as Disney purchased Lucasfilm thus gaining the ownership of Star Wars.

Since then the handling of the franchise has been a mixed affair, Disney certainly pumped plenty of resources into the brand from marketing and merchandise to a new core movie trilogy and spin off’s but sadly the gaming side of things leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, words many a gamer would utter towards the current climate of Electronic Arts. For better or worse they were granted the Star Wars contract and gamers around the world have had little to be excited for ever since.


Perhaps you feel you’re being treated unfairly? Originally released in 2017, chances are you are familiar with the huge backlash EA received with it’s handling of pay to win microtransactions that plagued Battlefront 2. Naturally, gamers including yours truly were not happy with having to cough up £50+ for a game only to have to pay even more of their hard earnt to access full content or even stand a chance of success in the multiplayer portion of the game, which, incidentally is where we spend most of our time.

Faith in EA and the Star Wars gaming brand was at an all-time low but now, republic credit where it’s due, in 2019 Battlefront 2 is the only solid modern Star Wars game on the market and a lot has changed.


Not being a gamer who has much interest in online play, there are actually only three games I can think of this gen that I have spent any considerable time within their multiplayer modes but for the last year or so I have found myself returning to the galaxy far, far away and finding myself enjoying what’s on offer. With so many big shooters already on the market plus the usual suspects due out in the near future, from free to play favourites like Fortnite to rinse and repeat annual offerings like Call of Duty, here are a few reasons why it’s more worth your time and money to take a second look at Star Wars Battlefront 2.



Set after the closing events from Return of the Jedi, you play as Iden Version, an imperial special agent tasked with carrying out the emperor’s final orders to defeat the rebel scum. Along the way, you will meet familiar characters as you search your feelings and begin to question the motives of the empire before witnessing the creation of the first order. Although the campaign takes you to some familiar locations and is brought to life in stunning detail that really shines on PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, the story does feel a bit lacklustre with the plot twists and the outcome is obvious, it’s still worth romping through for some pickup and play fun and will keep you busy for a good six to eight hours.




This is where the fun begins. The bread and butter of most modern shooters, after criticism in their first Battlefront attempt for lack of content and variety, developers “DICE” have continued to support and update the game with a plethora of new content from across the entire saga, that includes The Blooper Trilogy, I mean, The Prequel Trilogy, The Original Trilogy and the Current Trilogy set to culminate this December with episode nine. Content from, Solo and The Clone War’s also features. Microtransactions have been stripped back and now feature only for cosmetic content, if you are really desperate to have Count Dooku dressed in his exquisite pyjama’s, then, by all means, cough up the dough, or you could just earn in-game credit’s to spend.


Additional game modes have been added from small fast-paced objective modes to large scale galactic conflicts where you can take control of various characters and heroes from their respective timelines. Want to stomp around on Hoth as Darth Vader, Flash a saucy smile on Endor as Lando or Throw a wobbly on Starkiller base as Kylo Ren? you are covered. Maybe you want to live out some fan fiction by having Phasma team up with Boba Fett to take on Anakin and Rey? Or pilot the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy over Kamino? no problem.

Hero content is no longer locked behind microtransactions. During each mode, you earn battle points which can be spent on “reinforcements”. Depending on which team you are on these will range from a selection of troopers, clone, storm or first order, battle droids, resistance fighters as well as a selection of heroes and villains to play as from across the entire saga.

Only a set number of heroes and villains can be in play at one time to ensure balance remains, each has their own unique abilities to master and upgrade and knowing who’s best to call in through the ebb and flow of battle add’s a small layer of strategy. We all love the idea of waving a lightsaber around but being caught out in the open as a force wielder can sometimes mean your abilities don’t reach their full potential and lead to a quick death, but use a long-range fighter like Phasma, and you can pick off enemies from cover and support your team in a strong push into a more confined complex, now the lightsaber and force chokes will be more effective. But if big scale battles arent your thing, there are plenty of smaller modes on hand for shorter sessions and warm-ups with special events in regular rotation.

maxresdefault (1)


Ten game modes are currently available:

  • Galactic Assault – Large scale battles set across famous set pieces from the saga, most notably the battle of Hoth and Geonosis.
  • Capital Supremacy – Large scale battle akin to Conquest from Battlefield. Fight to gain control of command posts before pushing the enemy team back to their capital ship and destroying their generators.
  • Heroes vs. Villains – 4v4 Lightside Heroes v Darkside Villains face-off.
  • Hero Showdown – 2v2 Lightside Heroes v Darkside Villains duels with no respawn
  • Starfighter Assault – Attack and defend in space with a selection of classic spacecraft from tie fighters to x-wings.
  • Hero Starfighters – 4v4 Lightside Heroes v Darkside Villains face-off in space. Pilot famous vessels from the Millenium Falcon to the Silencer.
  • Strike – A series of small objective-based modes
  • Blast – Classic team deathmatch.
  • Ewok Hunt – Survive a night on Endor as a squad of stormtroopers being hunted by Warrick Davies and friends. Has a survival horror vibe.
  • Extraction – Attack and defend, defenders must escort cargo through a series of checkpoints


A series of modes to play Solo or Co-Op with a friend. Here you can get used to the various classes, of which there are many, as well as the various heroes and villains and their respective abilities if you find yourself struggling online. With a selection of difficulty modes, you will soon be fulfilling your destiny.



September saw the inclusion of new map Felucia, New Clone Commando reinforcements, New Single Player Mode and PVE Co-Op mode.

October will feature a special timed event with new reinforcements and appearances.

December will see content from the final movie in the saga, Episode Nine: The Rise of Skywalker.

And all this additional content is coming to you, for free! so just imagine a conversation between DICE and EA exects going something like this…



Matchmaking, balancing and daily challenges are constantly evolving and seeing improvements to ensure everyone can jump in and have a good time either Han Solo or with friends. Considering you can pick up Battlefront 2 for under £15 in most retailers or in online sales and if you are a member of EA access you can just download the full game as part of your subscription, there is no better time to join the adventure in a galaxy far far away.

Yes, it may not be the Battlefront of old that the internet loves to rave about but guess what, it’s the game that’s available now and although a certain amount of the internet bitching was valid, DICE listened and responded. No matter what era of Star Wars you enjoy, do yourself a favour and witness the firepower of this fully armed and operation Battlefront!

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