WWE: NXT Results & Recap – June 19th, 2019


This week’s episode started with the Undisputed Era coming to ring. Cole reminds us that all of the Undisputed Era will be draped in gold this year. This speech is interrupted by Velveteen Dream. He tells Cole that he looks good in gold but it looks better on him. After some trash talk, Matt Riddle comes out and tells Strong and Cole that he has beat both of them. As the trash talking continues, Tyler Breeze comes out and announces that the three of them will be going up against any three of the Undisputed Era in the main event of the show.

The first match of the show Raul Mendoza vs Damian Priest. This was probably the longest singles match I’ve seen Priest be in. Mendoza did most of the offence up until Priest caught him while doing a suicide dive. He turned this into a chokeslam on the apron, rolled him in the ring then did a whirlwind kick followed by a rolling cutter for the win.

After the match, William Regal announces that a Breakout Tournament will begin next week that will feature 8 newcomers. The winner of the tournament will have their title match of choice. I think this a cool idea because there was a good number of people he mentioned that were pretty well known in other wrestling organizations so it’s not like you’re seeing random never before seen wrestlers that are going to challenge a champion here.

Following this was a promo for Mia Yim. She talked about her tough upbringings, that she was born to fight, and that wrestling is her escape. Yim mentioned after 10 years in the indies this is only the beginning and that she is the Hell and high water.

The next match of the show was Taynara Conti vs Xia Li. This match was decent. Nothing really stood out here. Li would win with a spinning kick after missing a first kick attempt. It was a weird finish. Kind of made me wonder if that was how the match was supposed to end.

The Street Profits had a promo after this. They said this is a never-ending grind and will be facing the Forgotten Sons next week.

The main event was up next with Matt Riddle, Tyler Breeze, and Velveteen Dream vs Undisputed Era. Kyle O’Reilly was the member who wasn’t in the match, but that wouldn’t stop him from doing some outside interference during the match. After a miscommunication with Dream and Breeze, Strong would capitalise and on the moment and deliver his End of Heartache finisher on Dream for the win.

And that wraps it up for this week’s episode. Next week we have the start of the Breakout Tournament, the Street Profits vs the Forgotten Sons and also Io Shirai vs Shayna Baszler in a steel cage match for the women’s championship. Thanks for reading and long live wrestling!


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