Pokemon GO at Olander Park


From cool brisk days in the start of spring to the hotter days of summer, Olander Park is the place to go for a relaxing walk and some Pokemon Go. In the 1.1 mile walkway that surrounds the lake, there are 8 Poke Stops and 1 Gym. What better way to get outside with your family, exercise, enjoy nature, and play Pokemon GO than to visit Olander Park? Takeover a gym and spin those stops in a beautiful park filled with trees, ducks, geese, and smiling faces.

In the ever-changing park, there is a connected walking path that will take you all the way around the lake with plenty of photo opportunities. It will curve around the offices in sight of the lake that makes for a great backdrop. A perfect view. The front half of the park sits the most Poke Stops, which is great to allow them to refresh with the walk around the lake. The stretch of walking without Poke Stops you will witness geese napping in the sun, ducks with their ducklings crossing your path, and squirrels foraging for food. We were lucky to spot a wonderfully bright blue jay that was digging for a worm.

My Wife and I took two trips around the lake and enjoyed the company of people and animals. We spotted Chikorita, Pinsir, Hoppip, Gulpin, and plenty of honking geese that let us know we were in their territory. Fishermen were having at the trout that were recently placed in the lake, while I was catching Barboach on land. It’s funny that this peaceful park is right on Sylvania Avenue but when you’re walking here, it feels calm and relaxing like you’re far from the honking cars and traffic.

Sylvania residents have no entry fee to access the park with all of its amenities while non-residents will need to pay $5 on the weekend. You can rent a boat but I don’t think you will find any Pokemon out there. Maybe you will catch a Sunkern or two while sitting sand side to a beach volleyball match.

Today was a chilly day that was perfect sweater weather, accompanied by sunshine that made you feel great. Everyone in the park was smiling and having a great time. In between Poke Stops I enjoyed the great views of the park from each side of the lake. A lovely afternoon spent with my Wife, catching Pokemon, all while walking off a lovely brunch. Today was a good day. Next time you need a reason to get off the couch, take to your local Olander Park for some Pokemon GO.


Catch some Pokemon and enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones!

nintendospacerOlander Park – www.olanderpark.com
6930 Sylvania Ave, Sylvania OH 43560

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