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Beat Cop
iOS version tested
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Beat Cop is a throwback to the point-and-click adventure games of old. Fresh from the demented minds of Pixel Crow and 11bit Studios it is an 80s cop show inspired tale about a former hot-shot detective who is framed for a jewel heist and busted down to the role of a lowly street cop.

The game, which first appeared on PC a couple of years ago, is incredibly basic in its design, opting for simplicity and gameplay over any kind of wow factor, but that’s ok. This basic, almost cheap looking pixelated design works perfectly especially given the era the game is set in. Anything more and the game would lose its authenticity – which seems an odd thing to say about a pixel adventure.

Beat Cop (2).png

Players take on the role of ex-Detective Jack Kelly, who is charged with walking his daily beat, running down petty criminals and keeping the street that he patrols free from crime. But there’s a bigger story behind it, one in which Jack is the key suspect in a serious theft case, and bit by bit you gather evidence to clear your name.

The game is nonlinear and has multiple endings, so every decision you make on Beat Cop really does count. Accepted a bribe? There are consequences. Failed to catch a thief? There are consequences. Eat the wrong donut … well, you get the point. But in between all of this, you literally spend your day walking up and down a street, living out the oh so glamorous day-to-day life of a beat cop. If you think that sounds boring then Beat Cop probably isn’t the game for you.

Perhaps the only downside of the game is the language contained within the dialogue. There is some casual racism and sexist remarks thrown in there, but these aren’t meant to be funny. The developers have tried to nail the world in which the game inhabits, and although some gamers may find the choice questionable, it’s no more than you’d find in a movie set in the same era. We’re not here to say if this was the right or wrong decision, nor are we defending the decision – that dear reader, is down to you and you alone.

Beat Cop (1).png

The game costs £4.99 which is steep, but when you consider that is the only sum of money you’ll have to pay then it doesn’t seem quite so harsh. We’re all for supporting developers by not expecting handouts, but some of the games out there will rob you quicker than any street thug ever could.

This is a fun little way to waste some time. Yes it’s repetitive, and yes your mobile phone battery will probably die right at the moment you start to get going, but it’s worth the effort and nice to see something with a little edge finally make its way onto the App Stores. We’ll be holding out for more of the same soon please Pixel Crow. No pressure.

You can watch the trailer for Beat Cop below:


Final Words:

If pacing up and down the sidewalk waiting for a crime to happen sounds like your idea of a good night out then perhaps you’re Batman. Or maybe you’ve got what it takes to become a beat cop? Either way, you’re sure to enjoy this fun little point-and-click adventure that perfectly captures the feel of your favourite 80’s cop show.


TBG Score: 7.5/10


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