Can You ‘Escape Michael Myers’ in the Halloween Mini-Game?


This weekend Michael Myers returns to his old stomping ground of Haddonfield to face off one more time with his on-again-off-again sister Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) in the long-awaited follow-up to 1978’s Halloween movie.

Halloween 40

To celebrate, an official retro video game has been released called Escape Michael Myers, in which players must run screaming through the streets of Haddonfield in an attempt to … escape Michael Myers.

The game works as a sort-of infinite runner, with players taking on the role of Laurie. It begins in her back garden as she casually shoots the shit out of some mannequins before the William Shatner-looking anti-hero appears out of the bushes. This is your only chance to put a bullet right between Michael’s eyes. Fail and his relentless pursuit begins.

Escape Michael-Myers

Cue Laurie hot-tailing it through cemeteries, and crowds of trick or treating kids, avoiding bushes, dogs and escaped maniacs all while a clock ticks away in the corner, measuring your success by your ability to not get stabbed. If Michael catches you then the clock stops and the game is over. You are dead.

The game looks good, in that retro, pretend to be 8-bit kind of way, but is nothing new, and would perhaps have benefitted from being more like the popular Temple Run mobile apps. But for what it is, Escape Michael Myers is a fun way to kill 5 minutes in between classes, or on the train home – or even during the trailers before you enjoy the Halloween movie at your local cinema. In fact, the only place you probably wouldn’t want to play it is while you’re actually running away from Michael Myers yourself. That could be a little distracting.

Play the game here and let us know how long you can survive in the comments section below. There are worse ways to kill time when you’re on the toilet!


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