Airheart – PlayStation 4 Review


Release 24/07/2018
PS4 version tested
Review code providedpsspacer

When I first saw Airheart I was intrigued by it as aesthetically it reminded a little of Skies of Arcadia, which I loved (sequel or remaster soon please). It’s set in a world of floating islands and aircraft, the early goal seems to be to collect fish in order to earn money to buy new weapon KOs and aircraft parts.

The intro gives a pretty basic premise of the main character wanting to honour her father’s memory and that’s pretty much it in terms of story. This is obviously a shame as I like a story in a game, even if it’s tenuous. I think it would’ve helped the game too as it might’ve broken down the game into levels.

After the intro you’re launched into a tutorial where the game teaches you the basics, steering the aircraft is an odd experience and even once you’ve gotten the chance to practice it remains pretty unwieldy. The introduction to combat made it clear it had elements of a twin-stick shooter to it which threw up warning signs as I fucking hate twin-stick shooters.


Once the tutorial is done you can get into the game itself and my initial impressions were that the collecting of the fish is simple and effective but the air traffic in the level can be frustrating as the controls make avoidance difficult at times, and the combat is frustrating due to the opposing plane movement, though I appreciate that some may get on better with this than me.

If you run out of energy while in the game you’re essentially shot down and you have to guide your aircraft back to your base as it plummets in a fireball. If you manage to get it back to base then you’re fine however if you don’t then it’s game over and you have to start again which I’d imagine would be a huge shitter if you’re further into the game.


Final Words:

Overall it’s not a recommended game for me, it’s just too goddamn frustrating and niggly than I could reasonably endure which is a shame as I really wanted to love it. Aesthetically it’s pretty nice looking and the sound is great sound but sadly the negatives outweigh this. Don’t get me wrong it’s better than Colonial Marines but it’s just not a game I would go back to.



TBG Score: 5/10

psspacerGenre: Action, Arcade, Adventure
Players: 1
Publisher: Blindflug Studios
Release: 24/07/2018 (PS4)
Format: Steam, PlayStation 4psspacer

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