[Review] Even the Ocean – Nintendo Switch

Does Even the Ocean have substance, or is it just a social statement dressed up as a game?

GRIS – Nintendo Switch Review

Too many websites have purely reviewed this game as just that, a game. But Gris isn't as straightforward as that, and therefore we find a lot of reviews to be unjust and simply shallow. Gris is a piece of art >

Party Hard – Nintendo Switch Review

Party Hard Release 22/11/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided With what has to be one of the greatest compliments I can offer to the recent Nintendo Switch release by TinyBuild, Party Hard has evidently taken inspiration from the Hitman and Hotline Miami games series'. Apparent from the outset, Party Hard shares a number of... Continue Reading →

CricktoGame – Nintendo Switch Review

CricktoGame Release 07/11/2019 Switch version tested Review code provided Polygon-e Studio recently released mobile puzzle title CricktoGame on the Nintendo Switch adding to the ever-growing selection of games available on the eShop. On the surface, it is a simple puzzle game in which you must move different coloured coins around the boardĀ matching themĀ to a corresponding... Continue Reading →

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