Free to Play Nintendo Switch Games (UPDATED)

A comprehensive list of all the free to play games available on Nintendo Switch.

Free-to-play Games for the Nintendo Switch

The growing trend of free-to-play games has well and truly hit the Nintendo Switch with some of today's most popular titles following this model such as Fortnite. We here at TBG like to make things simple for you so here's a quick recap of everything that is currently available for free on the eShop >

Pokemon Quest – Nintendo Switch Review

Pokemon Quest Release 30/05/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided On the day Game Freak and The Pokemon Company announced Let's Go Pikachu and Eevee, and their 2019 successor to Sun and Moon, a free title called Pok√©mon Quest was also announced and was available instantly on Switch, with iOS and Android versions coming later.... Continue Reading →

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