Lara Croft, Pac-Man and Spyro – Numskull Merch

Numskull designs are on fire this past week with some cracking gaming announcements! Tomb Raider, Pac-Man and Spyro are all featured with new merch released which will be highly sort after for anyone interested in these franchises >

Frost – Nintendo Switch Review

Frost Release 19/07/2018 Switch version tested Review code provided As a game reviewer, you can't expect to always review games of the genre you favour most. It's virtually impossible that you will be reviewing games such as Breath Of The Wild or Horizon Zero Dawn week in week out. What that does mean though is... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Direct Imminent!

Speculation is rife at the moment around a Nintendo Direct landing this month. Depending on who you believe it could be early August (Marcus Sellars) or mid-August (Leaky Pandy). Either way, an August Direct would follow a general Nintendo pattern. With the holiday season not too far away, they will undoubtedly outline their plans for... Continue Reading →

Nintendo Switch Sales Rocket!

Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch, there has been scepticism and doubt among gamers around the viability of a handheld console. People looked at the failure of the Wii U and thought that Nintendo was done with the hardware console market, especially with the runaway success of the PlayStation 4. You can't really... Continue Reading →

Star Wars open world game?

According to a recent posting on EA's own job site, we can expect a new open world Star Wars game in the not too distant future. EA advertised a vacancy for someone to 'lead a team to deliver online features for an open world Star Wars project'. Well, there's no guess-work needed here! Although this... Continue Reading →

Sonic Mania – Nintendo Switch Review

Sonic Mania Release 15/08/2017 Switch version tested Review code provided Sonic the Hedgehog is Back! Well, almost... Back in the early '90s, I was given a choice, a choice that would determine my formative gaming years. A SNES or a Sega Mega drive for Christmas. It was the height of the great 'console war' of... Continue Reading →

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