[News] Thornhill’s new album “Heroine” OUT NOW


Thornhill’s new album “Heroine” OUT NOW! Ever since I listened to their prior album “The Dark Pool” I’ve been waiting for new music. Luckily the band dropped some singles including “Arkangel”, “Casanova”, “Hollywood” and even performed “Casanova” and “Supermassive Black Hole” for triple j’s Like A Version. So sick that they released all of that musical content to keep fans happy until the album dropped.

Thornhill has a style of their own, and this album shows their ever-changing sound will continue to evolve with future releases.

I was lucky to see Thornhill in San Diego this year, and it was an incredible show. At a venue that did not allow moshing or crowd surfing, rules immediately went out the window as soon as Thornhill began playing. Bouncers nowhere in sight, arms flying, strangers coming together to scream lyrics together – it was fantastic!

This young and powerfully talented band from Melbourne will be touring again starting in July kicking things off in Australia.


For tour dates see here.
Listen to the album, buy/stream it, and let the band know what you think.
Release date: June 3rd 2022
Label: UNFD
Twitter: @thornhillmelb

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