[News] Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Burst Forth – Nintendo Switch Demo Available Now


Attention all shmuppers! There is a new game with a demo available now, Dragon Maid Burst Forth. It requires the player to have a Japanese eShop account, just a heads up.

Once logged into the eShop via your Japanese account, scroll down to the NEW tab and you will see the game on the first screen. On the right-hand side there are two options to choose, the bottom option will download the demo.

Although it is a short demo, it’s super fun! Here is my playthrough of it on Youtube:


From the Dev:

Fly, shoot, hit, super! Exhilarating shooting. The first game of the popular comic “Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid”!
Mr. Kobayashi received an email stating “I have something I want to show to everyone.” When I visited Takitani’s house with Thor, Kanna, Elma, and Lucoa, I was caught up in a cursed computer runaway … and when I noticed, everyone was trapped inside the computer! I realized that I needed to capture all the games on my computer to escape from here, so I worked together to clear the game!


Thor, Kanna, and Elma form a team to sortie! During the game, there are also conversations between dragon girls and warm (?) Cheering words from Mr. Kobayashi … When the D gauge (dragon gauge) accumulates, “Chorogon Breath” that turns into a dragon and wipes out the enemy is activated. can. Blow away a large number of enemies in a refreshing mood! In addition, the “reverse scale spark” that activates when hit under certain conditions will make you more sexy and stronger!

Full of playable elements!
Equipped with a score ranking function to compete online with players from all over the world! If you collect the “fragments of memories” that you can get by playing repeatedly, you can also listen to the newly recorded and newly written mini-drama that you can see the daily life of Thor and others! Equipped with more than 30 types of illustrations drawn by popular illustrators including the popular illustrations of the past and the original author.

The game will be released on the Japanese eShop March 24th and is said to be released in the west this spring. I would love to hear your thoughts on this game, and even more so if you play the demo. Take care, and shmup on!
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