[Review] Trigger Witch – PlayStation 5


Trigger Witch is a top-down twin-stick action shooter set in a once magical world and comes from New Zealand based indie studio Rainbite. This is the studio’s second title and comes after the excellent Reverie.

Trigger Witch

In Trigger Witch take control of Colette, a lady who is looking to graduate from the Academy of Witchcraft and Triggery. Along her journey, Colette has to learn to use weapons and a dash to control and eliminate the enemies in dungeon-like areas. Once you have completed the initial graduation your mother, who is the main defender of your town Ozryn, sends you out into the overworld to uncover its secrets.

The overworld is beautiful. The art design is delightful and gives a very nostalgic feeling, bringing back memories of my youth and growing up playing on the SNES and  Mega Driver/Genesis generation of consoles.

Trigger Witch

Trigger Witch plays very much in the style of Enter the Gungeon, it really helps master the core mechanics in order to progress at a steady rate as the game can be challenging. Understanding the limitations of each weapon in your arsenal becomes vital so you don’t end up running out of ammo mid-fight. The character design of the enemies and how they interact with the world feels really polished. It all helps to keep you coming back to the fight for another run through the dungeon when you inevitably mess up and die. And you will die a lot.

The combat is complimented by fun puzzles to solve as you progress deeper into the world. For the most part the solutions are straightforward and logical but fair warning there is one particular puzzle that really stumped me for the longest time. The solution involved a conveyor belt system and a series of switches but in reality, this issue was purely down to my own stupidity instead of a flaw with the game.

Trigger Witch

For this review, I mainly tested and played Trigger Witch on my PlayStation 5 but I checked out the PlayStation 4 version bundled with it, purely for research purposes. Both versions perform flawlessly and look great. I love a retro vibe and my review history shows this, anything based around the 16-bit generation instantly appeals as that was the era that defined my youth. This game, in my eyes, is a fantastic look back to gaming of yesteryear and has an aesthetic beauty.



Final Words

I know this is a short review but in my opinion, Trigger Witch is a fantastic game! The story is superb and silly making it well worth playing through just to see it unfold. The gunplay is amazing as are the dungeon layouts and if you give this game a chance you won’t be disappointed at all. If you enjoyed Enter the Gungeon, I get the feeling you will really enjoy Trigger Witch.


star 8

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Platform: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 21/01/2022
No. of Players: 1-2
Category: Adventure, Shooter, Action
Developer: Rainbite
Publisher: EastAsiaSoft
Website: www.eastasiasoft.com
Twitter: @eastasiasoft
Download link: PSN

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