[News] Limited Run Games opens Sol Cresta physical pre-order


Limited Run Games has opened the physical pre-orders for Shmup Sol Cresta on Switch and PS4. Whether you’re excited as a shoot em up fan, or a physical collector, get there now to secure your copy using this handy link.

The regular edition and collector’s editions are available for both platforms for $49.99 and $129.99 respectively. The normal edition comes with the physical only while the collector’s edition includes these goodies:


  • Yuzo Koshiro 2-Disc Soundtrack
  • Sol Cresta Art Cards
  • Sol Cresta Enamel Pin
  • 2 Sol Medals
  • Sol Cresta Metal Replica Ship
  • Acrylic Standees
  • 5.5in Tall Mini Arcade Cabinet Replica with Video Screen – Plays Video Only


Here is the trailer for the game, following details from the dev/pub we hope you enjoy:


Free the solar system from the clutches of evil!

Humanity faced a crushing defeat at the hands of Mandler during his solar system invasion. Losing the moon and being driven from Earth, they were forced to retreat all the way to Laomedeia, the 12th moon of Neptune.

With the last of their hope, they formed the solar recovery squad SOL CRESTA, and placed the fate of the solar system with the Yamato, a cutting-edge docking battleship.

Sol Cresta takes the docking and formation strategies of classic shooting games Moon Cresta and Terra Cresta and elevates them with the “free-form docking” system.

The flagship Yamato, composed of the ships Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susano can utilize various attacks depending on how the three ships are aligned. Docking, splitting, and reforming the ships as needed is the key to defeating the invading armies of Mandler.


‘Free-form docking’

The Yamato is composed of 3 ships. You’ll scramble with one ship at first but pick up the right item and more ships will appear for a powerup! Dock and split to change your attack properties and use different formations to access an amazing arsenal.


Classic ’80s-style excitement

Sol Cresta’s music is provided by legendary chiptune composer Yuzo Koshiro. The game pays homage to the sound and visuals of the earlier Cresta series, bringing back arcade fever while taking it beyond mere nostalgia. There’s even a time limit, high score Caravan Mode, and online leaderboards.


PlatinumGames’ New Challenge

What would happen if PlatinumGames, developers of satisfying and jam-packed action games like Bayonetta, tried their hand at shooting? Sol Cresta is the answer. The visuals are classic, but the originality and depth of the systems and gameplay provide a fresh and deep shooting experience that grows each time you play.


use thise tho


Important to note, per LRG:

There is no purchase limit on this item. This item is currently in manufacturing and artwork is subject to change. Products are typically not expected to ship until 4-5 months after the preorder window closes. Future production updates will be visible on the product page and your account page. All orders are considered final and can not be cancelled.”


Limited Run Games is a publisher of (you guessed it) limited run, physical games for a number of systems — including Nintendo Switch, PS4, Vita, PSVR, PC, and retro consoles. We focus on bringing digital-only games to a physical medium, but we also create definitive editions of games you know and love. And yes, you probably know us from Night TrapCeleste, or Streets of Rage 4.

Founded by Josh Fairhurst and Douglas Bogart in 2015 as a publishing offshoot of Mighty Rabbit Studios, we’ve now released over 300 games in our lifetime. We’ve won awards for bespoke Collector’s Editions, created physical releases for games that wouldn’t have gotten them otherwise, and made lots of awesome goodies to live on the shelves of all types of video game fans!


You can also follow their official Twitter @Limitedrungames


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