[News] SHMUP Operation STEEL coming to Steam January 27th


Undermog Games (or @nz_bb on Twitter) has been creating a shmup! That project is within days of release, so now is the time to wishlist it on Steam. We love to see friends and fellow shmuppers pursue their dev careers and hope to help them along with their journey. It is our hope that this post will reach as many shmuppers as possible to make that happen!

Please feel free to share this link with your friends to spread awareness about Operation STEEL!

Check this fan video below and information from the developer:


Operation STEEL is a roguelike shoot-em-up rendered in beautiful hand-drawn art. Find and upgrade weapons while combatting the electronic legion across the galaxy!


Game features:

  • Procedurally generated levels with randomized enemy waves and pickups
  • Branching paths – select from 20+ levels
  • 25+ weird and wonderful bosses
  • 35+ unique weapons and items to find
  • Upgrade your ship between levels at the shop
  • Boss Rush mode
  • Online leaderboards
  • Awesome soundtrack by the amazing Dolphin!


Operation STEEL is a roguelike shoot-em-up rendered in beautiful hand-drawn art. Blow up loads of enemies, destroy huge bosses, find weapons, and upgrade your load-out between levels. Combat the electronic legion across 20+ procedurally generated levels!

Developer: Undermog Games, based in Dunedin New Zealand
Discord: discord.gg/6HzPrPt
Twitter: twitter.com/nz_bb
Contact: contact@undermog.com


Please do our shmup friend a solid! Try the demo and add this game to your wishlist on Steam. If you happen to do so, let this wonderful dev know that Two Beard Gaming sent you.

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