[News] Jump Jerboa OUT NOW on iOS and Android for FREE


From our friend and developer ChinyKian that made Serious Scramblers – introducing Jump Jerboa! But just what exactly are jerboas?


Why they’re desert rodents that can REALLY jump!

Trapped in a cage for much of your life, it’s time to bust out and face adversity in Jump Jerboa, an unforgiving, minimalist one-button micro platformer! You will fail over and over, but in the end the freedom will be well worth the pain… right?

Jump Jerboa is packed with challenging micro-levels. Play as a jerboa who must escape a facility filled with countless death traps.



Jump Jerboa features:

  • One touch controls. Great for gaming on the go!
  • Minimalist presentation and gameplay!
  • Tough as nails, handcrafted levels!
  • 90 levels and more to come!
  • Several obstacle types including portals and jump pads!
  • Fancy chip-tune music!
  • Retro-induced pixel art!


Jump Jerboa is a labour of love from a mostly solo game developer. This is a free app for phones that is played with one hand. Read on for our mini-review:

“Jumping Jerboas! Finally, a phone game that’s interesting. I love that the variety in levels starts early. Easy to pick up and a nice challenge to obtain all collectables in each stage!” The game has a 4.9/5 on the app store and 5/5 on the android store!



Download Jump Jerboa from the App Store or Google Play today and be sure to let @chinykian know on Twitter that TBG sent you!


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