[Review] Ewin Racing Gaming Chair – Knight Series


Here at twobeardgaming.com we love reviewing not only games, but merchandise and equipment. This time we are reviewing the Ewin Racing Gaming chair. Ewin has been in business since October of 2015 and has worldwide coverage. In addition to their chairs they also sell gaming desks, floor mats, and fascia guns.

ewin chair

To start things off, let it be known that Ewin Racing can be contacted if the product you receive is damaged in any way. FedEx may have dropped the ball in my case with the package slightly open and part of the arm sticking out but it had no damage. 

The installation guide I received was in Spanish but it had some photos to follow along with. On the Ewin Racing website, there is a video installation guide for those that would prefer to watch while building. Too small Allen wrenches are included for chair setup but I opted to use my own. From start to finish, building time took 35 minutes and is straightforward even without the guides. 

The chair we are reviewing is part of the Ewin Knight Series and costs $199. From the ground up, it has soft glide wheels that are my favourite feature. They slide around easily on my office mat around my desk area. Lock or unlock the backrest to rock back and forth with some force. Adjust the backrest anywhere between 85 and 155 degrees to your liking. Armrests can be moved up or down in seven different locking positions. The armrests do not swivel outward as my previous chair did, and I love that. A lumbar pillow is seated but not strapped to the chair and can be moved to the user’s liking, while the head pillow is strapped to the chair with available adjustment. The chair we were given for review is black and white but it’s also available in black and yellow. 

ewin knight series

I’ve spent a few weeks with the chair and overall it’s nice but not the best for long gaming sessions. In any case, I’m typically sitting anywhere from two to six or more hours at a time.  During my first three hour session using the chair, I found it difficult to situate myself naturally while utilising both pillows. Afterwards, my rear end was hurting and it felt better to get up and walk around.

Each three or more hour session was a bit uncomfortable towards the end and mostly due to the seat. The head pillow is soft which is great but I must sit back entirely to utilise it. The lumbar support pillow is necessary for the chair otherwise I sink back uncomfortably. That being said, the lumbar pillow isn’t as soft as the head pillow so it’s more comfortable to use it while sitting up straight. The lumbar pillow would benefit from having a strap of some sort to keep it in place. Armrests are great for moving up and down to allow players that use an arcade stick the clearance for comfort of use. Adjusting the general seat height was helpful for my particular desk setup. Upon sitting down at the beginning of use I can hear material inside popping, as if there is a concave board being moved. 


Final Words

The Ewin Knight Series Chair can be adjusted for users height, body angle, and arm positions. Best suited for shorter gaming or general use sessions, it may not fit the comfort level for extended sitting. The black and white material will bode well with most house or apartment looks/layouts and is easy to build. Two Beard Gaming would like to thank Ewin for the opportunity and extend a discount to our readers/supporters.


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