[News] Super Rare Games announce the Deponia Nintendo Switch Collection


The excellent graphic adventure series, Deponia, is getting a Super Rare Games Nintendo Switch physical release next week. The team over at Super Rare are working alongside Daedalic Entertainment to bring a 4-in-1 collection to the Nintendo Switch in physical form for the first time ever.

This will be the ultimate package for fans, featuring a 208-page hardcover art book, CD Soundtrack, a full set of trading cards (including a guaranteed holographic), stickers, as well as the standard game case with all 4 games on one cart.

Deponia Collection

The Collection will come in two variants, the Deponia Collection (Collector’s Edition) which will be extremely desirable and limited to 1,000 copies and the Deponia Collection (Standard Edition) at 3,000 copies. This means only 4,000 copies total will be available to own and is set to go on sale September 16th, at 6 PM BST (10 AM PT/1 PM ET).


About Deponia:

Nothing but junk – as far as the eye can see. Rufus’ homeworld Deponia is a planet-sized junkyard, so when the beautiful Elysian girl Goal falls into his arms (quite literally), Rufus’ dream to leave his dump of a home seems to be within arm’s reach as well.

Accompany Rufus on his crazy adventure and the most bizarre love story in video game history. Only after surviving wild chases, building insane gadgets, and with a dash of heroism can you overcome this journey.



If you would like more information about this release and to preorder, simply visit the official Super Rare Games website at superraregames.com.


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