[Review] Weapon of Choice DX – Nintendo Switch


Over the Top Action

Once again, Mommy’s Best Games have proven that they know what they are doing in the realm of creating interesting weapons (they are responsible for creating “gunstacking” in Devolver Digital’s acclaimed Serious Sam series). They also prove that they know their way around campy sci-fi tropes. As with Explosionade DX, Weapon of Choice DX is about as serious as a SyFy channel original movie and just as much goofy fun. It is high quality, completely over the top, side-scrolling twin-stick shooter, at a budget price.

Weapon Of Choice DX


Saving The World Should Not Be This Much Fun

Weapon of Choice DX isn’t just a catchy title, it’s also the basic idea behind how the player will select their favourite characters to play as and how they will reap havoc on the evil alien hoards. The game opens with a face-melting metal guitar riff and you are given a selection of diverse characters with even more diverse weapons. The selection screen reminded me of classic G.I. Joe character file cards from the action figure card backs. Each character is displayed in a tough-as-nails action pose using their individual special weapon. Each special weapon has a unique way of destroying the offending alien ranks.

And just like that, the player is then literally launched into the ongoing war. You are given a standard machine gun, the special weapon, a double jump with a minor ability, and a spiderpack. The spiderpack is a helpful piece of equipment with two uses. One ability it has is extending your reach for your primary machine gun. This gives the player the ability to be able to shoot at enemies while staying out of range. The cooler of the uses is the ability to use its arms to grab onto ceilings and walls and allow the player to hang or move while shooting or evading. It is very satisfying mowing down enemies below you while you are using your spderpack to dangle and walk along the ceilings.

Weapon Of Choice DX

As you run and gun your way through the levels, you are given small details about what is going on. Based on how your General keeps getting interrupted by the alien leader, none of that is important, other than him telling you which branch you should take to the next stage. Your primary concern is killing everything that moves before it kills you. The game is technically a one-hit kill for players, but there is a mechanic called a “death brush” that signals that you are about to die and gives you a chance to escape death. If you do die, another member of your team will be immediately sent in via a “vengeance missile”, which you can aim at whatever target you choose.

As you blast your way through the stages, keep an eye out for survivors. If you rescue them and survive the stage they will join your roster. This is good because not only does it add new characters and some pretty awesome new weapons to the roster that you can choose from, it adds to the available lives you have to finish the game with. If you play on the harder difficulty, those extra lives will come in very handy, because the enemies are much more aggressive and your death brush window is much less forgiving. It should be noted that characters you unlock in the normal difficulty are unlocked in the harder difficulty level.



Final Words

It’s a story as old as time itself. Aliens are attacking the planet to harvest it as resources and naturally the humans that live on the planet have a huge problem with that. A diverse group of ragtag heroes and their unique weapons and skills rise to the occasion as humanity’s last stand. It’s all so very B-movie. The action is way over the top and that is what makes it so fun. Grab your weapon of choice and go kick some alien butt!


star 7

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Platform: PC, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo
Release Date: 02/09/2021
No. of Players: 1
Category: Arcade, Action, Platformer
Developer: Mommy’s Best Games
Publisher: Mommy’s Best Games
Website: www.mommysbestgames.com
Twitter: @MommysBestGames
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop

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