[Review] Mullet Cop: Issue 1 – Scout Comics


A comic book that boasts cyborg pensioners, power-walking mom gangs, and all-you-can-eat buffet food was always going to get our attention!

Meet Fred, a former mall cop who is forced to go undercover as an all-you-can-eat buffet manager after being brutally attacked and left for dead by a gang known only as the Pink Dolls . With his new identity, and banging new mullet, Fred teams up with former comrades and a top-of-the-range microwave/super-computer named M.I.T.T. to restore order to his once peaceful place of work.

Mullet Cop

Looking like the bastard offspring of Hank Hill and Kenny Powers, Fred takes us on a non-stop thrill ride around Megamall 4472, a nightmarish monument to consumerism in a future straight out of 2000ad, in Mullet Cop, coming soon from Scout Comics

Speaking to Two Beard Gaming, Lintern, who lists himself as his number one inspiration, explained that Mullet Cop originally started out as a mobile game, and sprung to life after the success of his first foray into comics Girrion. As time progressed, Tom made the decision to move his concept to Patreon, offering tiered membership levels in which fans can pay monthly subscriptions for exciting additional content. As of press time we can neither confirm nor deny that an actual mullet makeover is among these incentives.

Mullet Cop had us hooked instantly with a single piece of artwork. Fred’s sensuous soccer-rocker, his awe-inspiring ape drape, turned us into super fans before we even knew what we were looking at, and we’re extremely pleased to say that creator Tom Lintern has not disappointed with the first issue.



Final Words

Packed with unique artwork, hilarious one-liners, and some of the freshest ideas since Will Smith moved out of West Philly, Mullet Cop is a must-read for anyone looking for an antidote to the same-old same-old superhero stinkers that monopolise the shelves in comic book stores all over the globe – and with a whopping 66 pages, the book is an absolute steal.



Mullet Cop Issue 1 is available in all good comic book stores from TODAY.

Publication Date: 01/09/2021
Twitter: @mulletcop
Official Website: www.mulletcop.com

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