[Review] Space Scavenger – Nintendo Switch


It’s Time To Scavenge… In Space

Red Cabin Games debut effort is a gem. Space Scavenger is a stage based roguelike shoot ’em up based in space. You are the pilot of your ship and it is up to you to scavenge the planets and asteroids for resources and parts while not getting killed by the ever-growing, in both quantity and quality, masses of space monsters that only have an agenda of doing just that.

Space Scavenger


Quirky Customisation

You are given a simple boxy little ship and you set out to explore the broad, yet confined, realms of space. Your ship is essentially a box that has a basic weapon for dismantling any threat that presents itself to you. Space is divided into themed biomes and each biome has several stages. The stages consist of some planets, meteors and deadly space monsters.

The object is to search the planets for resources and kill the enemies. Some planets provide you with parts to build and upgrade your ship. This provides a light RPG element and is essentially the main part of the game loop. What starts out as a tiny boxy ship with one weapon can be built out to be a quirky shaped ship that has numerous body parts and several different weapons and upgrades. There are saws and swords, and plenty of ranged weapons, as well as upgrades like increased health and ammo. You can build your ship out however you like and can try as many different builds as you see fit. What you find in the levels is random, so you will have opportunities to try a lot of setups from ships designed to have a circular barrage of firepower to melee weapons that pummel enemies and asteroids.

Space Scavenger


Try to avoid certain death

Keep in mind that the asteroids can come in handy to manoeuvre around to battle enemies, especially as they get harder in subsequent biomes. But keep your eye out because some contain gems that you can use when you arrive at the end of the biome and are able to access the store.

This is where you have the ability to choose the upgrades you buy, for those intentional custom builds. You can also repair your ship. Choose wisely because your currency is limited to what you collect. Bear in mind that although you can have as many weapons and upgrades as you can fit on the perimeter of your growing ship, you can only have the ability to use two weapon types at a time. The rest have to be cycled through to be assigned to the triggers. This offers a good variety of ways to play for different players’ play styles.

The difficulty will ramp up, but thanks to a snazzy upbeat soundtrack, it rarely gets too frustrating. The random nature of weapons and upgrades never seems to be cumbersome because if it’s something you don’t need yet, you have two spots for storage. If it’s something you don’t want at all, you can recycle it to gain gems you can later spend in the store.



Final Words

Space Scavenger is a blast. It’s challenging but not in a way that will have you rage quitting or screaming obscenities at tiny pieces of electronic plastic. If you’re a die-hard Shmup fan it may not be enough to keep you engaged but if you are looking for a roguelike space shooter with light RPG elements and some random upgrades to keep it interesting, Space Scavenger will keep you busy with a pretty good dose of replayability.


star 7

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Platform: PC, Nintendo
Release Date: 20/08/2021
No. of Players: 1
Category: Action, Adventure, Arcade
Developer: Red Cabin Games
Publisher: Red Cabin Games
Website: www.spacescavengergame.com
Twitter: @SpaceScavenger
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop

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