[Review] DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ – Nintendo Switch


The galaxy’s most awesome adventure!

Thinking back to my trip to Japan I recall this majestic looking, massive double arcade cabinet. The game was DariusBurst Another Chronicle. I didn’t get the chance to play it but now that ININ Games has brought the EX+ version to Nintendo Switch, I have! This port states it has been updated with enhanced graphics for that authentic arcade feel. Does it have what it takes to make us at home feel like we are in the arcade? Let’s find out together!

DariusBurst Another Chronicle

First impressions of DBAC? Holy crap, this game is intense! I did a ‘first try’ video that involved a few credits on original EX mode and it FLEW by! This pilot is in dire need of training. Baddies were quick, bosses were huge, and the arcade feel is real.


Darius has four game modes of play:

Original: choose from one of three difficulty levels and attempt to reach the final zone. The lower path leads to higher difficulty levels.

Original EX mode: use all your skills honed from the original and head for the final zone

Chronicle Mode: a vast number of missions and objectives. To play: select a star system, then choose the area you want to liberate.

Event Mode: Enjoy missions that were limited-time in the arcade and exclusive new EX+ missions.


Pick one of the game modes and enjoy the quick scene of buttons used to play as well as some boss screenshots, showing off their attacks. Prepare yourself because once the game starts, the intensity begins. Background music is haunting with a light, airy voice singing notes of drawn-out words that give a spooky feel while enemies pour out to destroy the Silver Hawk. Pick one of 9 ships before heading out, but make sure to try them all to find your fit. I always find myself too eager to pick up power-ups when I would recommend sticking to the far left of the screen especially when the barrage of bullets head your way!

DariusBurst Another Chronicle

Be on the lookout for enemy bullets that can be shot at and disposed of! Before too long the big flash WARNING will appear, the player will sink into their seat, and the boss battle begins! Music kicks in again after the warning sounds, just imagine those creepy violins in horror movies as you duck and dodge waves of fire, destructible bullets, large missiles, and a massive blast. THIS IS JUST THE FIRST LEVEL! During that boss fight, I found that the ship can be turned around which is wild. I made it to the second boss before getting my first game over, and this is on easy mode.


It’s all in the controls

I’ve been using my Hyabusa arcade stick and the controls feel great! Moving about the hotdog landscape has been great with the exception of folks that want to blow me to smithereens. Swap positioning and shoot to the left when needed, but be warned about how awkward and weird it feels at first. Did I miss the tutorial or was my mind blown when I entered space that I forgot? Shooting to the left in a horizontal shmup, this is a first to me from what I can recall and it’s wild. 

DariusBurst Another Chronicle


Can’t stop the feelin’

This game feels nothing but intense to me. I’m sorry if you can pick up and play this game without feeling the grip of the controller (whatever it may be) in your hands, the music stiffening your posture, the grit in your teeth. Every credit given to this game is a quarter to feel the intimidation of DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+. I find myself holding my breath when the stage music changes as the boss appears. Anyone that has the chance to play the arcade version of this NEEDS to do so. 


Shot Satisfaction

Every bullet counts, and I mean that. With each curtain of enemies and bullets that follow, it asks the player to make their way through it their own way. I am sure the professional players can destroy the majority of the baddies but for the rest of us, we need to carve our path within the ships of our enemy. That means, keeping an eye on the red, green, or blue asteroids, ships, or anything of that colour to reveal a power-up necessary to progress. 



Large enemies. Gripping battles. Memorisation required. Intimidation incoming. Need I say more? The count of your breaths restart as the WARNING blazes and repeats while the music makes your heart stop. Wrap your mind around the design of the character and the hit points required to find the way to take down this enemy. Will you remain long enough to survive, need more quarters, or restart entirely since they do not show their health? Darius laughs at you in the face of this challenge. 



Final Words

DariusBurst Another Chronicle EX+ is vastly different from all shmups on the eShop. This game requires many hours of play to master it, let alone understand it (in all aspects). I am intrigued as much as I am intimidated by this game and I hope that I can double my current high scores. Would I recommend this game? You bet your ship I would! 


star 9

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Platform: PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 27/07/2021
No. of Players: 1-4
Category:  Shooter, Action, Arcade
Developer: Taito
Publisher: ININ Games
Website: www.iningames.com
Twitter: @ININ_Games
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop

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