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The Nightmare Continues

Last month Marvel kicked off their new series set within the Alien universe lead by a grizzled veteran of the colonial marines, Gabriel, who is seeking retirement after his years of skullduggery in the name of Weyland-Yutani. Although a lot of familiar ground was covered, there was also signs of potential for Marvel to put their own spin on things. This month we continue the story of greedy corporations, characters with shady pasts and all manner of disturbing activities, no it’s not a recap of the houses of parliament, it’s Alien: Issue 2!

Alien Vol


Busy Little Creatures

Issue two picks up shortly after the events of the first, aboard the Epsilon Orbital Research and Development Station things are kicking off good and proper. Due to the activists boarding the station and charging in with no idea what they are facing, the Xenomorphs have been unleashed upon the station. A young girl clings to her grandad as they hide from all the terrifying sounds when suddenly something moves in the darkness, whatever it was, it was big!

Back on earth, Gabriel is visited by an old acquaintance from Weyland-Yutani who informs him that something has gone terribly wrong on the station. After revealing camera footage of Gabriel’s son Danny boarding with a group of activists, Gabriel is not pleased to see his son is part of a terrorist organization and that he himself is now under suspicion due to Danny haven accessed the station with his ID pass.

Alien Kael Ngu Variant Trade x

The Weyland stooge informs Gabriel that the station will soon begin to enter a decaying orbit and burn up in the atmosphere erasing any evidence. Gabriel agrees to head to the station and retrieve the “Alpha” specimen if he is given a team of synths and a legal pass given to him and his son. The stooge informs him he can have two grunts and no promises for his son, but the Alpha is Gabriel’s Legacy.

Gabriel heads to the station with his team of arrogant youngsters who are soon browning their pants at the first sign of dead bodies. They find the lab but to Gabriel’s horror, the Alpha specimen is gone. Before long they encounter a Xenomorph and the express elevator to hell starts going down.


Readers Thoughts

Everything that happened in this issue was about as predictable as you can get, Gabe being shanghaied into a mission to go to the station, partially for his son but also due to his history with Weyland-Yutani. I did enjoy again the hint of the “Alpha” and that it has some kind of connection to Gabriel. This seems to be the hook Marvel are running with for their series and keeping it a mystery is a wise choice as there really isn’t anything we haven’t seen before going on at the moment.

Another thing I liked was that Gabriel emphasised his preference to work with Androids instead of humans, clearly he never had to spend any time with Ash! This helps give his character some depth, has he seen too much death or watched too many comrades succumb to Xenomorph hives that he would rather not go through that again? Or is there something deeper relating to the mysterious “Alpha?” time will tell. The artwork once again is right on the money! This is really the stand out element of these comics so far and for anyone who appreciates some awesome drawings, this is one for you.


Final Words:

This was a short issue that took mere minutes to read. Though not a lot happened that couldn’t have been predicted from issue one’s set up, there is still a fairly interesting hook that I’m hoping has a good pay off down the line.



genericspacer 1Writer: Phillip Kennedy Johnson
Publication Date: April 21, 2021
Format: FC, 23 pages
Price: £3.99
UPC: 7 59606 09927 6007111
Official store: MARVEL Comics

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