The Best Feel-Good PlayStation Games



After a long day, you don’t always want to test your skills on multiplayer games or grind levels in an RPG. Sometimes you just want to turn on a game and relax. Sony has been good over the years about promoting games that are great for those times when you just want to play something that’s comforting. 

Before diving into it, make sure to have some PlayStation Gift Cards ready to reward yourself with these games after a long day! Most of these are PS4 games that are playable on the PS5 since the console is relatively new. But no worries, we’re sure that PS5 versions of the game will be released in the long run! 

We’re excited to see these games on Sony’s PlayStation 5 console someday as it holds promising features for a new generation of gaming. In the meantime, here’s a list of some of the best feel-good games on PlayStation.


The Sims

The Sims PS

A cult classic for years now, The Sims series has drawn in many a gamer wanting to forget their troubles. Part of this is the ability to do whatever you want. Make a representation of your own family? You can do it. Make the weirdest collection of characters possible? Go for it. Make the Grim Reaper freak out by having to deliver a baby? I suppose that’s an option as well.

The open world of possibilities, detailed character creation, and overall quirkiness of The Sims has made it loved by generations. Perfect for those who want a relaxing evening spent in a nonsensical world. 


Slime Rancher

Slime Rancher PS

The name of this game may be misleading. Slime doesn’t sound like a feel-good thing to everyone, but I promise this game isn’t as gross as it may seem. In this game, you are, well… a rancher. Instead of cows or pigs, you control a herd of slimes. The loveable squishy monsters you see at the early level of classic RPGs.

It is of the same vein as Minecraft and other simulation-type games; although, with some first-person shooter elements. In this game, you gather slimes, seek their care, build crops and other resources, all on a faraway planet. 

This game is really cute. You’ll definitely feel good when you see the smiling faces of all the different types of slime in your ranch and you’ll feel greatly accomplished. 


Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley PS

Stardew Valley is perhaps the most serious game on this list. It is seemingly a typical RPG. However, once you take the time to begin the game you’ll find it has a lot going for it, especially for those who need a relaxing game. It is after all one of the top PS4 games that we would recommend out there for a beautifully serene experience.

Stardew balances the quests and growth of fantasy RPGs with the gathering and building of simulation games. The top-down-ish view combined with a cottagey and nature-focused art style makes this game very easy on the eyes. 

Gathering resources and building up your family farm is an amazing experience. You get to see it grow as you work which gives off a certain rewarding feeling. It isn’t something you’ll find yourself stressing over like in some RPGs. 


Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy PS

First released for the PS2, Katamari Damacy was an odd one for sure, but players quickly fell in love with it. Enough for a sequel and a recent remaster – Katamari Damacy REROLL which was released as a PS4 game. The game itself is weird, to say the least. You play the son of a creation deity, who one drunken night destroys most of the universe. You, his son, must gather up things on earth with a sticky ball to rebuild the stars and planets. Yeah.. that’s the plot. 

Its overall fun gameplay and vibrant but simple art style make it easy to sink into even on your most stressful days. While not having the freedom of some of the games on this list, and most missions being a modified time trial, the missions you complete are still easy and fun enough to not feel like you’re being railroaded through a slog of a game. 



Minecraft PS

Everyone at this point has at least heard of Minecraft. If you haven’t had the opportunity to play it yet then you’re missing out on one of the most soothing current games on the market. It may have been released some years ago but Mojang has kept up with the game, updating and adding new features regularly.

The core game is fairly relaxing. Building, crafting, farming for materials and facing the enemies that come out at night. There is a way to beat all the challenges the game sets up for you, but it is an open world. You can take whatever approach and however long you want to the endgame of the Ender Dragon. The simple art style and soothing soundtrack make this game a great choice. 

If the normal game mode isn’t soothing enough, then you can always switch over to creative. Here you have access to infinite materials and can fly around where you please. Want to make a grand castle, a portrait of your favourite anime character, or anything really; grab your blocks and get to building. 


These games are some of the best that PlayStation has to offer in terms of making the player relax and feel good. Whether you want to experience an easy and rewarding adventure or just want to escape for a while, these games will help you decompress. These are only a brief look at some of the feel-good games Sony has to offer from these consoles so don’t be afraid to look at others that are similar.

Do let us know in the comments below what are your favourite feel-good games to play after a long tiring day, we’re always open to hearing from you!

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