[News] Creaks on Nintendo Switch by Super Rare Games


Super Rare Games announce Creaks will be their next Nintendo Switch physical release. In a partnership with Amanita Design, it will mark the first time the game has been made available in physical form and includes all of the current content (on the cart) alongside a full-colour manual, exclusive sticker, and three trading cards.

Creaks Super Rare Games


What is Creaks?

Can you imagine if Tim Burton and Guillermo Del Toro joined forces to make a game that was riddled with vibes of Roald Dahl and Roman Dirge? sounds pretty awesome right! well, that is essentially the feeling you get while playing through Creaks.

Creaks on Nintendo Switch is an eerie platform puzzler created by Czech developer Amanita Design and is by far the best puzzler we’ve had the privilege to play in a long time, you can read our full review here.


And now the small print…

As with all Supre Rare releases only 5,000 physical copies will be printed worldwide. These will be available to purchase on March 4th from 6 PM GMT (10 AM PT/1 AM ET) for £27 (excluding tax and shipping). As part of this 2,000 SteelBook bundles will also be up for grabs (included in the 5,000 total).



For more information on this great release and to preorder visit the official Super Rare Games website at superraregames.com.


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