[News] Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event recap


Good morning hunters, the Monster Hunter Rise Digital Event was streamed from Capcom’s Twitch channel today and here is the recap!


Let’s talk basics.

Rise producer Ryozo was the host and introduced the event with some cinematic videos of the upcoming Monster Hunter Rise game showing a sneak peek at this yeti looking beast then quickly cut to the monster hunter buddies, then back to this mammoth monster that can erect an ice shard as a weapon which looks SO cool!

Three additional monsters were quickly shown with fierce looks and a wyvern that looks like a T-Rex face. Finally, that main star of the show: the main dragon boss. It looked as if the player could control one beast against another! With two rope lasso type things around each wing, paired against another monster.

After that preview, we’re shown the Frost Islands which used to be a nest for dragons. It’s got this dark and eerie vibe with icicles strewn from every ledge in view. It appears to be a place that will have loads of environmental destruction once a monster hunt begins. 

Monster Hunter Rise


Moving over to the Monsters!


  • Goss Harag: a new monster. It is a fanged beast that uses blades of ice it creates from its own breath. Looks so dope!! A few attacks were shown but I imagine it has an ultimate attack not shown in the trailer that will be devastating. I’m looking forward to seeing what action comes from this beast
  • Flying Wyvern Barioth: it has overgrown fangs protruding from its mouth, spiked paws and tail used for grip in its icy environment
  • Flying Wyvern Kheu: has this weird neck that elongates in a snapping turtle way. It’s electric! Watch out for that invasive neck it looks dangerous! Anyone see tremors back in the day? Kinda like that, for the neck
  • Bird Wyvern Great Baggi: raptor type monster with blue skin, and a large crest on its head. Spits fluid that will put you to sleep. Or it spits the fluid then falls asleep? Something that will need to be looked at in greater detail
  • Fanged Beast Lagombi: looking like an overgrown gerbil, it will push on its stomach around the snow quickly
  • Fling Wyvern Tigrex: heavy and aggressive, and I was right about the R-Rex part! Looks super scary and difficult
  • Leviathan MIzutsune: this water type monster is majestic looking and almost appears to have hair or fur beneath its scales on the underbelly
  • Magnamalo: the main monster of the game. It’s got a massive presence and a scaled body for protection. It attacks with its tail and has a purple electric glow around it


After the monster showcase, we were given a preview of Wyvern Riding: you can ride monsters!! You can control monsters in battle! This is insane. They can also be used to move or destroy environments, likely to unveil secrets! I like that possibility. 

Characters that the player will meet along the way are introduced next, and it’s a brief introduction to folks that will be met frequently along the journey:


  • Fugan: village elder, long sword weilder
  • Minoto and Hinoa: quest maidens, they sing and paint
  • Yomogi: runs the tea shop
  • Hojo: guild master Hojo: quest manager
  • Master Utsushi: master leader
  • Lori: buddy handler
  • Kogarashi: in charge of mercenaries
  • Rondine: trader


As well as several other modes touched upon they lightly skimmed over Rampage, which sounds like an incoming wave of enemies, more on that in the near future.

March 26th 2021 Monster Hunter Rise will be released with standard, and deluxe editions available with pre-order bonuses. Three new Amiibo will be available including Malamute, Magnamlao and Palico for the collectors out there.


Try before you buy

In a confusing way, Capcom also announced a demo that may be available today at 3 PM Eastern, and if not then by tomorrow January 8th. The demo can be played solo, with couch co-op, or online co-op which sounds awesome and sus at the same time because Nintendo online is TRASH! The demo includes 4 different quests including beginner, intermediate, Wyvern riding and basic training. A massive 14 weapon types will also be included, so you could likely find your main weapon by use of the demo prior to the game’s release. 


Wire bug and Wyvern riding videos will be released today by Capcom as well, so what did you think? My bro Devin and I watched it at the same time and were giddy.

This is going to be a game that we potentially play online co-op together, pending Nintendo’s servers of course. I’m really hoping by the time of release, Nintendo finds some way to greatly amp up their online quality which is a lot to ask for. 



Nonetheless, did you enjoy the digital event? Really it was mostly for the demo to be announced, I didn’t have any other expectations than that, everything else was extra and events such as these are generally fun. People talk, remind one another of the event, chat while it’s going on, super awesome.

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