[Review] Landflix Odyssey – Nintendo Switch


Are you still watching?

Wow! I have not had so much fun playing a game on my Nintendo Switch in ages. This is not hyperbole, Landflix Odyssey is truly a gem and a personal gaming highlight for 2020.

If you’ve ever dreamed of jumping through your television screen and straight into your favourite TV show then this is absolutely the game for you. Play as flatulent couch potato Larry who is inadvertently sucked into his Landflix account after he puts radioactive batteries in his remote. Once inside he comes across his long-lost uncle, a mad scientist type who suffered the same fate shortly after inventing the aforementioned batteries, only to become stuck with no way of finding his way home.


Batteries not included!

Refusing to spend the rest of his life inside a streaming service instead of watching it, Larry sets out to find a way home by entering his 5 favourite shows, blissfully unaware that the CEO of Landflix is also lurking around, and has designs on taking the super batteries and making himself the most powerful man in the universe. Now that’s a plot twist!

Fantastico Studio is known for quality content, and Landflix Odyssey is no exception. If anything they have excelled themselves with this latest release. The overused pixel style is put to great effect for a change as Larry bounces around spins on Stranger Things, Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad and Daredevil avoiding pitfalls and collecting coins that enable him to pay his subscription fees and enter the next episode.

Landflix Odyssey Nintendo Switch

Using 5 very different genres for the levels means the game constantly feels new every time you move on to the next show. You can swing your sword in Elder Thrones, or travel to the parallel dimension in Peculiar Stuff. You can also harness the power of your mighty gasses as you burp into the faces of evil to stun them into submission.

The only downside would be the mechanics of the game being slightly off. For a platformer reliant on jumping the controls sometimes feel a little clunky, but perhaps that’s more to do with the hardware than it is to do with game design. Be that as it may, the sometimes awkward movements required to advance don’t even come close to distracting you from just how fun the game really is, and that’s coming from someone who is very easily turned off by clunky games.



Final Words

Move over Netflix, it’s time for Landflix and chill! Landflix Odyssey is a neat gimmick of a game and is sure to inspire a sequel. It is funny, relatable and tricky enough to keep you interested, with unlimited replay value. If you’re a fan of retro-style platform action then this is absolutely a must-buy for you. If you’re not already, play it now because it’s bloody great.


star 10

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Platform: PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo
Release Date: 22/12/2020
No. of Players: 1
Category: Platformer, Arcade
Developer: Fantastico Studio
Publisher: Fantastico Studio
Website: www.fantasticostudio.it/
Twitter: @fantasticodev
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop

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