“1.21 Gigawatts?!” Xmas Gifts For The Back To The Future Fan


This year marks the 35th anniversary of the release of Back To The Future!

Speeding into UK cinemas on December 4th 1985, it’s a classic movie with two sequels and various spin-offs and tie-ins. Michael J. Fox, making both this and fulfilling his duties on sitcom Family Ties, was run ragged but his performance as Marty McFly is full of manic energy and you really can’t picture anyone else in the role (sorry, Eric Stoltz).

Back To The Future Part II, released on November 24th 1989, is probably the least-loved of the series and yet still resonates today mostly thanks to the portrayal of bad guy Biff Tannen morphing into a Donald Trump-like character of pure materialistic evil. Big love to Thomas F Wilson’s acting across all three films as Biff. He did an amazing job and made each incarnation feel like something new yet linked to the original Biff persona.

Back To The Future Part III, coming hot on the heels of part two and released in the UK only a few months after that film on July 11th 1990, sees our heroes back in the Wild West having a rootin’ tootin’ time. Ok, so the kid on the train pointing to his boy parts is a bit disturbing but we gloss over that…

We’re all big fans of the movies here at TBG and so, with Christmas looming over us like Biff Tannen’s Pleasure Paradise loomed over Hill Valley, here are a selection of BTTF gift ideas for the festive season which are available from the usual places!


Back To The Future:

The Ultimate Visual History, Revised & Expanded edition

Back To The Future Visual History

This is the essential guide to the movies that no BTTF fan should be without! Featuring interviews with all the key figures from the series, including Michael J. Fox and director Robert Zemeckis, it looks behind the scenes and shows how these films made it to the screen.

This updated edition looks at the recent Telltale video games and also the brilliant IDW comics and looks at the amazing mech that has followed in the wake of the films. It also looks at the 2020 stage musical version, including how they made the DeLorean appear on stage!


Back To The Future:

Pop Classics book

Back to the Future Pop Classics

Kim Smith has written some amazing child-friendly picture book versions of geekdom classics such as ET, Ghostbusters, Home Alone and Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Her version of BTTF is no exception! With a cute illustrated style and uncanny likenesses of Marty, Doc, Biff and the gang, it really is a lovely little picture book.

Buy a copy before Darth Vader comes down from planet Vulcan and melts your brains…


Back To The Future:

The Official Hill Valley Cookbook

Back to the Future Cookbook

Yes, alright, we know how ridiculous this sounds but stick with us! This quirky recipe book is divided into five chapters that provides everything from classic 1955 American diner cuisine to the dystopian future food of 2015 (oh yes) such as dehydrated pizza, with a stop back in the mean Old West for enough hearty food to fill your boots with.

With full-colour photography, helpful notes from the characters and alternative ingredient suggestions, this time-travelling cookbook would make a great gift for food-loving fans of the films!


Transformers Collaborative Action Figure:

Back To The Future Gigawatt

Back To The Future Gigawatt

Yep. A DeLorean that transforms into a robot. What more do you need?! Of course it’s an Autobot, that much goes without saying, and the wheels turn so that the car can drive or hover. Nerdgasms all round!


Back To The Future:


Back to the Future Monopoly

The world’s best family board game (apparently) is available in a BTTF edition. You can choose tokens from the film to play as, such as Einstein the dog or Marty’s hoverboard, and you can travel across time to amass your fortune. With locations such as Doc’s Blacksmith Shop or the beloved Clock Tower you are able to invest in houses and hotels just as you do with classic Monopoly and this is a great game to play around the table to fuel those family arguments!


Back To The Future:


Back to the Future Funko

Funko have such a huge range of Pop Vinyl figures it’s no surprise there are several BTTF ones available! Some people hate the Funko figures because they find the design creepy or just plain annoying, but most of us here at TBG like them and the BTTF selection covers everything from Marty in his classic ‘life preserve’ outfit holding a video camera to 1955 Biff to a larger set of Doc Brown and the clocktower!

They make great additions to any collection and are cute as a button.


Back To The Future:

Action Figure

Back to the Future Neca

There are myriad figures out there available for collectors and fans, from manufacturers such as Funko (above), Neca and Super7, varying in price and style. Some are incredibly lifelike and accurate and others look like 1980’s action figures and they’re great! Neca are releasing new figures in 2021 so keep an eye out for those.


Back To The Future:

Lego DeLorean

Back to the Future Lego

Lego hit the goldmine when they started producing sets to tie-in with Star Wars back at the end of the ’90s and have now enveloped the whole gamut of geek culture with sets available for everything from Adventure Time and Doctor Who to Ghostbusters and The Simpsons, and BTTF is no exception.

The Lego DeLorean is brilliant and has several different alterations that can be made to make it screen accurate to all three movies; from the original to the Mr Fusion power plant addition and hover wheels from the second movie to the minor alterations to match the third movie when Marty finally returns to his version of 1985.


Back To The Future Part II:

Marty’s Baseball Cap

Back to the future baseball cap

This is a replica of the cap Marty wears in BTTF2 when he pretends to be his own son and confronts future Biff. It’s a great look, with a lenticular coating so the cap seems to change colour as you turn and move your head, and it has an adjustable headband so one size fits all.


Back To The Future:


Back to the Future Socks

It’s Christmas and everyone gets socks. Them’s the rules.


This is only a handful of the Back To The Future merch that’s available. Go check it out if you or someone you know is a fan. “I guess you guys aren’t ready for that yet… but your kids are gonna love it!


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