Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin – Tips & Tricks


Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is a unique action side-scroller platformer mixed with RPG elements as well as a farm simulation that wraps it all up with the charm of Japanese mythology. If you haven’t gotten the game yet, make sure to get some PlayStation Gift Cards and get to it!

The main protagonist – the goddess Sakuna, is the living embodiment of the nature of the gameplay itself. What we mean is that she is the daughter of a harvest goddess and a warrior god. But after she puts the rice on fire (yeah, that can happen to any of us), she is banished alongside a group of fellow humans to the earth-realm where she needs to learn how to grow rice, jump over obstacles and fight demons in order to cleanse the land from Evil.

The gameplay elements – hack-and-slash combat, platforming, and farming, are different but exclusively linked to one another and might require a lot of fine-tuning, especially if you are not a fan of too many genres and you don’t consider yourself a versatile gamer. Don’t get cocky, even if you are, you might still need some aid. 

We bet you already saw how deep the farming system is! The combat can also be quite challenging especially if you go in unprepared! Whatever the case is, we are giving you the essential tips and tricks to help you if you get stuck or would like to already improve your skills in this freshly released gem. You’re welcome!


Seasons Rotation


The world in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin runs in a 12-day cycle which is divided by 4 seasons, each one consisting of 3 days. Needless to say, that winter is a non-growing season, but spring, summer, and autumn will need good time management to do all that is needed to progress in the game. 

Exploration, hunting, and farming is what is going to eat up your time. Make sure you do all those in a  balanced way. Spending too much time travelling and fighting will definitely leave your harvest overlooked.

Every season has its own specific steps of farming. For example, in Spring you will be taking care of your seeds and planting them in the farm field, opposed to Summer and Autumn when you will be taking more care of your crops’ water levels.




Getting familiar with the whole farming process is one of the core aspects of the game. Not doing it properly is going to be a world of hurt for you. It will be really rewarding to do it how it should be done as it will not only help you progress in the game but will give you an extremely rewarding feeling.


It is mandatory you stick to the following steps:


1. Plowing – Make the field soft and firm, so that the rice can grow sweet.



2. Sorting the seeds – Sort the seeds in water. Putting more mud – the higher quality, the less quantity. And vice versa.



3. Growing the seeds – You place what you have so far in a seeding box. If you want you can put a larger number of seeds for a lower quality and less for a chance of the highest quality ones.



4. Planting – After the seeds are cultivated you will have to plant them. The ‘Planting Instincts’ skill is what will help you later. Use pesticides or make sure you pull any weeds damaging the precious harvest.



5. Watering – Manage the water well and the rice will be growing really fast. Adjust it according to the season, the weather, and the height of the sprouts.



6. Fertilizing – Initially you make the fertilizer from manure, leaves, beast hooves, and then you have the option to add components like rotten food, salt, and others. Just so you know, these will bring more pests. When it’s ready, always apply the fertilizer in the morning.



7. Harvesting and drying – Make sure there is no water in the field and it won’t be raining so that you can dry out the harvest. If the samurai says it will be raining, offer a tribute, so that stalks can be drying out unhampered.



8. Threshing and hulling – Threshing has no effect on quality but the hulling changes the entire nature of the rice. Hulling too much makes the rice white, which has a higher value and gives higher stats. Less hulling leaves the rice brown with better food bonuses and higher buffs.





Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin can be a really hard game. It can be really frustrating to succeed with the time management especially during your first few hours of the game. What can aid you here is to delegate some of your needs to be done by others.

Luckily the people in the village will do some of the work for you. They will be able to plough and plant, just bear in mind that the quality of the work won’t be the same. Not everyone can be a daughter of a harvest goddess after all. And yeah, if you want something to be done right, you should just do it yourself.

Animals can also be a big help when it comes to farming. You can use ducks to eat the annoying insects in the rice and a cow can be used for ploughing. Just remember not to let any ducks in when the rice is grown as they will eat it!


Eat Well


Talking about eating… Combat can be really hard sometimes in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin and you will have to prepare yourself quite well. You will no doubt have hard times if you don’t. Food will give you extra buffs and you will be kicking butt.

Talking to Myrtle will give you an option to change what food you will be eating. Different types of food and rice will give you different buffs and stat increases, so choose wisely. Myrtle makes the dishes automatically, but you can control which ones you would like to be included in the menu. She can make up to five different ones. Yummy!




Even if we are trying to give you all the vital tips and tricks, you can still get lost. Don’t worry, you can always ask Tauemon for advice. He has an eye for farming and will be of great help if you are struggling with it. He has a great opinion on water levels and will enlighten you with his wisdom regarding any part of the farming process. A great guy!




Clearing objectives and finding items will increase your exploration rate and will allow you to visit further areas. If you die within a new area you will start from the screen you progressed to but will lose any items and resources you have gathered. 

Fortunately you can leave an area at any moment, saving those resources. Just go to the menu screen and press X. This will also be a good time to go back to the farm to rest and restore your health. It might be a slower way to progress but will keep you away from any enchanted circles.




The combat in Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin may look quite simple on the outside but in fact it houses a lot of depth. Our cute goddess has a light and heavy attack. The nimble light attack is quick and handy, and the heavy one does more damage but is slower.

The light attack can lift up weaker enemies and let you do combos. Mid-air fighting keeps you away from other enemies on the ground, and even more – finishing an air combo will crash the one in the air on the ones at the ground with a splash damage.

The heavy attack can also lift up enemies in the air but you will have to jump manually this time in order to keep the battle mid-air. The heavy attack is to be used versus slower enemies and can clear space. You can use the heavy attack after starting a combo with the light attack – the down air attack will smash anything below you and will damage enemies both on the ground and in-air.

Dodging! Be sure to outsmart your enemies by avoiding their attacks by double-tapping in the desired direction. Plan your attack carefully, dodge, and then attack before they make a second move. Always try to get out of range of the larger and more damaging enemies.

Parrying can be a good choice too. Simply press right or left according to the direction of the attack. Mastering the timing is a must! You won’t receive any damage and on top of that, you will leave them stunned. This won’t work versus larger numbers of enemies and quicker foes so don’t get too greedy!


These are our essential tips and tricks to help you with Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin. Don’t rely entirely on what we mentioned, make sure you find your own play-style and always try to discover ways to improve your skills. The world of Sakuna: of Rice and Ruin is vast and you will have a great number of opportunities to do so. Have you already found a new trick yourself? Share it with us in the comment section, we would love to hear about it! 

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