Skol! A ‘Hägar the Horrible’ TV Series is Sailing Our Way


If playing Assassins Creed Valhalla has got you feeling like you need more Vikings in your life, then we might have the answer to your craving – an all new adaptation of the classic comic strip Hägar the Horrible, which is due to land on distant shores very soon.

Hägar was created by Dik Browne in 1973 and follows the misadventures of a Viking family man as he manages the daily grind of pillaging villages while still making time for his annual bath. The strip has run for over 40 years, and is often used as a scathing commentary on life in modern day America.

The Hägar the Horrible TV series will be written by Fresh off the Boat‘s Eric Ziobrowski, and will utilise The Jim Henson Company’s Digital Puppetry Studio for much of the animation, which will be a far cry from the original 2D 1989 animated specials that some of us are just about old enough to remember.



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