The Uncharted Movie is only Nine Months Away!


I have enjoyed the Uncharted series from afar, watching my Brother play the video game. Even though I haven’t played the games, I do have an interest in the upcoming movie. With a stacked cast as this, who wouldn’t be? Tom Holland, Mark Wahlberg, and Antonio Banderas with likely a fantastic supporting cast. I don’t recognize the other names but would still love to see their performance.

Folks flipped their wig when they saw this picture of Tom (Using only his first name, like we have beers on Friday or something) I don’t see the problem with the photo or role the actor is portraying. The movie will take place prior to the games so it allows anyone and everyone to watch and enjoy. If they like it enough they can play the series and continue the story. For all we know, if this one does well then it will receive a sequel.

I looked into the Twitter hashtag for the movie, and it seems there was a fan film made with Nathan Fillion portraying Nathan Drake. Folks wanted him as the protagonist despite the age difference but I think that only leaves potential for the future movies. Keep the younger protagonist a younger person, then (maybe because of the fans request) use Nathan Fillion as an old Nathan Drake. They look enough alike that it would work!

uncharted main


The internet lists Uncharted with a July 16th 2021 release date but with the world in shambles and release dates getting pushed back across the board, be prepared for delays. I think it’s ridiculous the expectations of couch potatoes that don’t create anything themselves. Can we look at those with their own creative direction and think they must do what we say? Go make your own movies or video games if that’s the case. Everything we watch, play, and enjoy costs loads of time, effort, and money. We should all be more patient and accepting of the monetary cost and creative efforts of others.

I’m looking forward to this moving whether or not it releases in 2021. I don’t have ridiculous expectations and think it’s insane that a production company even has the money in this pandemic to continue. I hope they are all getting tested and staying safe, while pursuing their passions. Let us support their efforts by enjoying their crafts.


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