Pre-Order Watch Dogs: Legion – Get $10 In Best Buy Rewards!


Although Best Buy got rid of theirĀ amazing Gamers Club Unlocked, they have been trying to compete with the likes of that orange online competitor by giving buyers $10 in rewards vs $10 off. Take advantage of this all while getting Best Buy points when you pre-order Watch Dogs: Legion!

Use this link to find your console of choice and pre-order Watch Dogs Legion and get $10 in Best Buy rewards!


Fans of the previous two Watch Dog games will find joy in the third instalment from the screenshots alone. I recall watching my Wife play Watch Dogs on Xbox and thinking, this game is crazy. How is she controlling the stoplights while driving? My Wife enjoyed the story-driven gameplay, open-world aspect, and hacking abilities with cars, credit cards, and stoplights.

watch dogs legion screen ps ps en jul


Initially, Watch Dogs 3 is immediately set apart from the prior instalments graphically. The visuals are absolutely mental. Story-driven gameplay is still present, and the game revolves around recruiting others for The Resistance. Choose anyone from the MI5 agent to the great grandmother retired assassin. Be who you want, and do what you want.



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