Halloween: Ranking the Masks of Michael Myers


Spooky season is here again, and what better way to spend it than by revisiting the Halloween movie franchise? But while you do, be sure to check out the many different faces of Michael Myers, because each one is so different to the others.

Alternatively, you can scroll down here as we’ve taken the liberty of power ranking them all for you. Aren’t we nice? be sure to let us know if you agree with our choices, and let us know by leaving your comments in blood on the door of the Two Beard offices.


HALLOWEEN 2 (2009)


The follow up to Rob Zombie’s controversial 2007 reimagining is a much more brutal and surreal entry in the Halloween franchise. It divided fans old and new for the way it handled the mythology of the Michael Myers character, but nothing pissed hardcore fans off more than the mask design.

Realistically the mask has aged. Michael dug a hole and hid it for a number of years between 2007 and 2009, so it would obviously depreciate a little. But in Halloween 2, the mask is pretty much a security blanket for the character, rather than a tool in his offensive. It is too battered and torn, looking more like a Leatherface knockoff than the very personification of evil. Never has Michael been so exposed, but perhaps that’s what Zombie was going for?




There’s bad continuity, and then there’s bad continuity, and believe us when we tell you there’s plenty of that in Halloween 5. Never is this more apparent though than in Michael’s mask design which is supposed to be a direct continuation from Halloween 4 but couldn’t look any less like the mask (or masks) in that entry if it tried. Does he keep a stash of them in his bum-bag? Oh, and don’t get us started on the neck flaps! Dominique Othenin-Girard’s attempts to make Michael more human-looking failed in every way possible.




Talk about a Poundland knockoff! The mask in The Return of Michael Myers switches between big round moon face, to inexplicable blonde bombshell, and back again at various intervals. Perhaps there was a plan to have Michael go Super Saiyan in one draft of the script, and they forgot to remove the shots in the editing process? Yeah, that’s probably the reason.



Halloween Resurrection

Since when did Michael care so much about how his eyebrows looked? Perhaps he rented entries 4 and 5 on VHS while he was waiting for his favourite season to roll around and realised how bad he looked in the 80’s? Either way, this mask is too polished, to the point we like to call Halloween: Resurrection the facelift years.


HALLOWEEN H20 (1998)

Halloween H

We can only assume that after 20 years of wearing a crummy mask, Michael Myers had grown tired of stumbling around trying to see through the often tiny eye holes in his mask. That’s why they’re so big in Halloween H20, a brilliant sequel with not so brilliant mask design.

There are at least 3 different mask on show throughout the film, one of which is actually CGI and looks pretty pants, given that this was at least a decade before CGI started to look decent.

Oh, and there’s eyebrows too. We didn’t notice those bad boys until today! No wonder Resurrection-era Michael thought this was acceptable.



Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers

Revisiting this version of Michael instantly makes us think of a Jim Henson puppet that’s been left on a shelf for decades. Without someone bringing it to life (in this case adding eyebrows and cheek bones), it remains an empty vessel devoid of personality or motive. This is what makes the Michael Myers mask so scary in the first place, and despite The Curse of Michael Myers receiving an overwhelming panning by critics, the mask is one of the absolute best.

PS. Halloween 6 – in particular the Producers Cut – is this writers favourite sequel.




Some people don’t rank the Halloween 2007 mask very highly, but we strongly disagree. Rob Zombie’s vision for the mask is very similar to the original but angrier. In John Carpenter’s original, we never know Michael’s mood, but it’s clear here that this giant of a man is just pissed off, because it’s written across his wretched face.




The idea in 2018’s Halloween sequel was to have Michael don the exact mask he wore on his original killing spree, prior to his arrest and incarceration. None of the sequels ever happened. Perhaps they were imagined in Michael’s mind while he was locked up, which would explain why so many of the masks looked like they’d been designed by a madman.

Of course, this isn’t the original 1978 mask, but has been designed, by Academy Award winning FX artist Christopher Nelson, to cut the same silhouette while still looking like it could have been rotting away in an evidence locker for 40 years. It is just as scary as when we saw it last, just older – a little bit like the demon that wears it.


HALLOWEEN 2 (1981)


Whereas the mask in the the 2018 reboot is supposed to look like the original mask, the one in the very first sequel from all the way back in 1981 is actually the very same one! It looks quite different, but that’s because it’s been hiding under Debra Hill’s bed for 3 years while she chain smoked, giving it that grotesque appearance.

Dick Warlock, who portrayed Michael in 1981, was also quite a bit chunkier than Nick Castle from the first film, so he simply filled the mask out more, giving it that bloated appearance. Considering Halloween 2 is tagged as being a continuation of the same night, the changes to the mask are unforgiveable but utterly terrifying to look at.



Halloween Michael Myers

Nothing was ever going to top the original mask from John Carpenter’s iconic horror, which remains one of the most incredible cinematic experiences ever produced, an ageless classic that still packs a punch and feels as fresh today as it did 42 years ago.

The mask, which as you already know is from a Captain James T. Kirk costume, is emotionless. It is like staring into a deep, dark void that you’re never going to escape from. Nick Castle’s terrifying movements emphasise the horror of Michael’s so-called face. He’s like a mime sent straight from Hell, and he’s taking you back with him.


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