Introducing: CrossKrush by Ratalaika Games


Ah yes, road rage. More specifically, pedestrian road rage. We’ve all had those days when we felt like an old Granny that simply wanted cars to spontaneously combust due to their lack of respect for us. WELL, now we have the exact game to scratch that itch. CrossKrush. Read on below to find out more information from the publisher.

crosskrush switch


Tell us more!

Henry & Florence are a happily married couple, they enjoy music & have been dancing all their lives. But now, a noisy road has been built right in front of their home, and they can’t even have a dance without traffic noises creeping through their most beloved songs. So, they decide to take matters on their own hands and set to clear the road forever!

No jewels or candy, but lots of cars to destroy! Defend your peaceful abode by blowing up as many cars in a row as possible (think Tetris), or whack and hack at them with your cane to finish them off.

Battle wave after wave of oncoming traffic as the challenge increases, and team up with a friend for additional mayhem.



  • Simple & intuitive controls
  • 10 levels with 10 puzzles each, for a total of 100 challenges!
  • Local multiplayer action: play with a friend, or against a friend
  • 2 different characters to choose from, with several customization options
  • Catchy jazz music


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