Teenanger: Good Time – Album Review


The Toronto based post-punks are back with a brand-new record Good Time’. Since forming in 2007 they have become vital in shaping the punk scene in Toronto. They have the punk D.I.Y ethos at the heart of things, running their own label to support up and coming bands.

The new album is a lean affair of 8 songs but this takes nothing away from the album sonically. The band have ventured into new territory pushing forward and experimenting with their sound rather than sticking with the formula of previous efforts.

The first track off the album is ‘Beige’ which seems to take influence from Manchester post-punks Joy Division. The song has the line ‘Everything starts to feel beige’ which hints at how things can sometimes feel somewhat hopeless. Another standout track is ‘Romance for Rent’ which is all about modern age love and the perils and pitfalls of romance in the modern world. The title track ‘Good Time’ reminds me of New Order with the use of bleak imagery in the lyrics and the mix of guitar riffs and effects. There is a sense of hope in the song however, reiterating ‘We are having a good time, we are getting along’ a vital message giving people a sense of hope amongst all the chaos.

Teenanger could have quite easily have kept going in the same vein we are all so familiar with but they chose to expand and explore their sound further. The results are clear to see on Good Time. The band don’t shy away from tackling tricky issues like on Beige or giving people a sense of optimism from the title track, ‘Good Time’. The band have been many trials and tribulations during the recording of the album at Studio Z – floods and a Co2 leak are just two examples. But it’s given them a sense of who they are and what they are about musically when many others would have faltered. Teenanger didn’t and came out fighting.




Good Time tracklist:

01. “Beige”
02. “Trillium Song”
03. “Pleasure”
04. “Romance For Rent”
05. “Straight To Computer”
06. “Good Time”
07. “Touching Glass”
08. “The Drain”


Good Time by Teenanger is released October 2nd on Telephone Explosion. You can order the album here, and support them on their official Facebook or Twitter pages.

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