[Review] Firework – Nintendo Switch


Entertain. Keep Them Safe. Keep Them. Happy.

Ever wondered what it would be like if Mega Man was also a firefighter? …no? Well, Firework will fulfil that fantasy anyway. You play as Yan, an android in charge of a facility full of sentient “spheres.” Your job? Entertain. Keep them safe. Keep them happy. The game opens up with Yan telling the spheres one of his wonderful stories that they love so much. This particular story being a cautionary tale of a sphere who left his support and… unfortunately, Yan is unable to finish the story as he is interrupted by an alarm. He rushes off to investigate as the spheres beg for him to stay and finish the story.

NSwitchDS Firework

Yan arrives at the location of the alarm, four spheres that have escaped their supports and are running around gleefully. He scolds them and places them back into the safety of their supports. Well… three of them. The fourth runs into a wall and explodes. Yan explains to the others that this is what can happen if they don’t follow the rules. Another alarm interrupts and Yan, once again, runs off to investigate. However, this alarm takes him deeper into the facility than he’s ever been. He arrives at a wall of inferno and is greeted by the four main BOSSES of the game. And this is where the gameplay officially starts.


If you’re familiar with the Mega Man…

Firework will be immediately accessible. The controls are very similar in style. Jump, shoot, and an excellent dash mechanic. In fact, maybe one of the smoothest dash mechanics I’ve ever experienced. All of the enemies you’ll encounter are fire-based, so understandably, your weapon is a water beam. Enemies, as to be expected, attack with fire that can spread throughout the level and if you leave the fires burning, they can eventually burn down the facility, so in addition to defeating the enemies, you’ll also need to extinguish the flames left behind. Fires, once put out, will leave behind ice crystals that you can collect to form a barrier that grants Yan limited protection from fire damage.

NSwitchDS Firework

There are 12 naughty little spheres located in hidden rooms throughout the facility that have escaped their supports. Once you enter the room, there’s a difficult but fun platforming challenge. Once completed, you scold the escaped little rascal and have a drone pick them up and take them back to safety. With each one, you rescue you’re awarded with a stat increase and rescuing all escaped spheres grants you the best ending to the game (there are 3 in total).


This all sounds rather familiar

The BOSS BATTLES are great. Each boss feels unique. Whenever you defeat the first 3 of the main bosses, you gain power from them (sound familiar?). Unfortunately, this is one of the complaints I have against the game. Other than the first power you acquire, you’ll find yourself rarely using them at all. I also would have liked for more than just the main bosses to award you with new weapons/powers. And since I’m on my gripes (of which there are few), I do want to point out that the soundtrack is a bit underwhelming. Music is a big part of video games for me and I feel like the music in this game left a little bit to be desired.



Final Words

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Firework. I would definitely like to see this world expanded a bit in the future. While there is a little room for improvement, it does a lot of things right. And with 3 different endings and a New Game + option, there’s plenty of content for the $14.99/£13.49 price tag. If you’re a fan of the Mega Man series (and who isn’t?), you’ll definitely enjoy this one.


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Platform: PC, Nintendo
Release Date: 11/09/2020
No. of Players: 1-2
Category: Adventure, Platformer
Developer: Ivan Zanotti
Publisher: Fantastico Studio
Website: www.fantasticostudio.it
Twitter: @fantasticodev
Download link: US eShop / UK eShop

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