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Apotheosis Studios latest project The Red Opera RPG is now live on Kickstarter and fully funded within an impressive 40 minutes and currently sitting at ten times its original target. The 5E Campaign and Setting features multiple endings, branching side quests and a tragic story.

Housed within a Warlock ruled city, The Red Opera RPG explores the occult nature of Patrons, sending players on a twisting saga through a dark and dangerous realm teeming with intrigue, magic, death, & betrayal. The campaign ends on October 1st, so head over to Kickstarter today!

the red opera


Tell us more!

The Red Opera RPG is an extensive, player-driven campaign and setting designed for 5th edition, with an official soundtrack by DiAmorte and The Budapest Symphonic Orchestra, centred upon the oft-overlooked and much-misunderstood class: Warlocks. Does this mean, you wonder, that all players must be Warlocks to partake of the story’s wonders? No, no… certainly not. All are welcome in the Shadelands, the all-new realm where our events unfold. With all-new Warlock Classes, anyone in the Shadelands, be they adventurer, noblemen, or a thief can strike a temporary bargain with one of its many Patrons. Bring along your existing higher-tier campaign and characters following a mysterious trail, or wander the Shadelands as entirely fresh characters experiencing adventure for the first time. The Red Opera can easily be scaled to suit all tiers of play, and each of the ten acts contained within offer boundless opportunities for sidequests and improvisation.


  • Full, 90,000+ word campaign for all tiers of play. Can be run either as a Tier 4, level 20 adventure, or be scaled to a level 1 beginner campaign.
  • Designed for Storytellers; with new Warlock classes, setting updates, side quests, story branches, locations, and three-beat story structure for each act.
  • Multiple endings based on player choice where the party can dictate the future of the Shadelands and shape the destiny of things to come.

The Red Opera RPG will be available in Digital, Standard Hardcover,  Special Edition Hardcover, and Leather Edition, each physical copy is constructed with the highest quality inks, paper, and foil, featuring an elegant metallic stamp on the front of the book, and foil bookplates.


I’m curious as to which Dark Power the folks at Apotheosis Studios made a pact with to know all of my desires for an immersive campaign; The Red Opera has incredible art, a symphonic metal soundtrack, delicious intrigue, and epic action. I’m pledging my eternal soul; consequences be damned!” – Alcuin Gersh (Different_Elves), Gamemaster/Streamer, Dance Macabre with Hunters, L.A. by night, and Geek & Sundry



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