News: Did Edgar Wright Just Hint at a Return for Scott Pilgrim?


This year has been pretty pants, but one bright spot was the 10th anniversary of the  live-action Scott Pilgrim  vs. The World. Fans of the comic book series originally created by Bryan Lee O’Malley in 2004 have been awaiting something, anything new for years, but it seems that with the exception of a reissue vinyl soundtrack and a now unavailable video game there has been little to get excited about in the SP-Universe.



All of this could change later today though, after SP vs TW director Edgar Wright tweeted that fans of O’Malley’s work should “keep their eyes peeled” on the creator’s Twitter feed later, opening a gigantic can of worms in the process.

What could this mean? Is O’Malley creating bran-spanking-new Scott Pilgrim material? Have Ubisoft Montreal finally come to their senses and allowed the award-winning 2010 video game to be updated for the Nintendo Switch?


Edgar Wright Tweet September
Via @edgarwright


Whatever is happening you can bet we’re going to be hitting refresh on our Twitter page for the next few hours, and will hopefully have a very exciting update at some point today.


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